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Abandoning Rewards

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about rewarding myself for successes in the health and weight loss department.  I’ve been thinking about what I want to get for myself when I reach small goals like ten pounds, twenty five pounds, ten percent, etc…  I thought about tee shirts and jewelry and new pants…  but I’ve made up my mind and now I know what I want.

This is also what I want for my birthday.  I want March to be my healthy month.  I want to do the Van Metre 5K to support Children’s Hospital, and thanks to some awesome Facebook (and, oddly, high school) friends, I am almost certain I’ll be signing up for that before the end of this month.

But what I want much more than that is to go to FitBloggin 2010!  I’m not even sure it makes sense for me to go, since I hardly think I count as a health/fitness blogger, but there is a lot of great information to be had there, plus some networking and friendship opportunities that I’d hate to miss.  I love blogging, and I could never afford something like BlogHer, so this would be a great chance to do something and even make it healthy.

So… that means I have to save at least $400 to pay for the $100 registration fee and the two nights in the hotel.  It’s nearby, so I suppose I wouldn’t have to stay at the hotel, but I feel like you miss out a little if you don’t.  There is a small chance that a friend might be able to get me a break on the hotel rates…

Anyway, so that’s my new wishlist.  I want to go to FitBloggin.  Wish me money!  🙂  I think I’m going to keep the jewelry sale going too just in case that brings in anything extra to fund my trip!


One Response

  1. You should definitely sign up for the 5K! I sign up for races because they give me motivation to keep working out. Plus there are people of all fitness levels out there competing, which is really neat to see.

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