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My Fitness

I am having a really hard time exercising.  After a pregnancy, four months on bedrest, and the recovery from both, I am easily in the worst shape of my life.  I’ve weighed more, but I’ve never looked so big or felt so weak.  Just the idea of exercising terrified me, but I couldn’t help remembering how good I felt when I was exercising 4-5 times a week for an hour a day.  I felt good and strong, and I was seeing amazing health and fitness results.

I missed the feeling of strength, the knowledge of what my body could do… so I decided to try as hard as I could to get it back.  We don’t have the resources for me to join a gym.  Our neighborhood has no sidewalks and a lot of twisty roads populated by speeding cars.  It’s too cold to take Evi outside for long periods, and my car is broken so I can’t taker her out to the mall to walk… which is good enough since the closest mall is 45 minutes away.

So I can’t do it, right?  Maybe not…

I got an Xbox game.  Actually I already had it.  It’s called Yourself Fitness, and fortunately it plays on the 360 even though it’s a regular Xbox game.  I don’t need anything special or a lot of room to do the workouts, and you start out with a simple fitness test to make sure the workouts are the right level for you.  The routines are a little repetitive, and it bugs me a tiny bit that you can’t customize the way the trainer (Maya) looks, but it is a genuine workout and it gets me moving.

It’s something, and so far it’s working.  Since it’s an older game, you can get it used on Amazon for pretty cheap, and there are also PlayStation and computer versions out there.  I know I will eventually get bored with it, but as you workout you earn new music tracks and new workout spaces as well.  For right now, at my level and given my situation, it’s the best possible option for me.  Every so often, it puts me through the fitness test again (timed sit ups, jumping jacks, etc) to determine progress too.  I feel good knowing I am doing something.

For the sake of disclosure:  I was not paid to write this.  I didn’t receive anything for free, no one from the company even knows I exist.  It’s just a game I bought on my own a couple of years ago and am now using as a tool to help me on this health journey.  If you click on the Amazon link, it goes to my Amazon associates account, so I would get a couple of pennies if you bought it through that page.


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