I lost two pounds this week, and I was thrilled to see it since I had a “bad” week.

But did I?  Is it really a bad week if I lost two pounds?  This is where I realize I still need some reprogramming.  Did I eat the best, healthiest options this week?  Definitely not.  But did I give up or give in? NO!  I ate fast food three times this week for the sake of convenience.  I had pizza.  But, I still tried.  I got salads or kids meals, and I chose thin crust pizza.  I made the best choices in the given parameters, and I enjoyed my child-sized french fries.

I tracked my food, I counted my points.  I used more than half of my extra weekly points, which I try not to use at all, but I didn’t even use them all.  I need to stop thinking of these weeks as “bad” or times I messed up.  I was still counting, still trying, and I have a two pound loss to show for it.

So I am saying goodbye to another successful week of making better choices.


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