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Product review: Arnold sandwich thins

I’ve decided to start reviewing some of the healthier products I try over the course of this attempt to get healthier, thinner, and more energetic.  There is so much out there, and sometimes it’s tough to find an honest opinion.  So here are my thoughts on some of the products I’ve tried.  I’m not getting any compensation or benefit from these reviews, I just want to get it out there for the benefit of others.

Arnold Sandwich Thins (click on the pic to check out their website)

I was concerned about trying these because I am not a huge fan of the flatbreads and wraps that a lot of other people like.  However, our wholesale club had a coupon to buy these and get a free pack of low cal english muffins, so I figured it would be worth a try.

I love these.  They have a lot of flavor, and the multigrain gives them a great texture.  If you’re looking for thick, squishy bread this is not the choice for you, but they make a great burger bun or a surface for mini pizzas.  I also like them just plain, toasted with a little fake butter or spread with some light jelly.  They are definitely worth a try, especially if you can pick them up at a wholesale club or discount store for less money.

I will definitely be using these for all of my sandwich and burger needs.  In fact, they will be much better than regular bread for burgers since they have a little more structure to them than regular whole wheat bread, and a better choice too for only 1 WWP each.


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