Product review: Kashi Dark Chocolate Coconut Bars

I’ve decided to start reviewing some of the healthier products I try over the course of this attempt to get healthier, thinner, and more energetic.  There is so much out there, and sometimes it’s tough to find an honest opinion.  So here are my thoughts on some of the products I’ve tried.  I’m not getting any compensation or benefit from these reviews, I just want to get it out there for the benefit of others.

Kashi Dark Chocolate Coconut Fruit & Grain Bars

I’ve been seeing these advertised on television lately, and I love chocolate coconut, so I hunted down a Kashi coupon I had and bought these.  They are AMAZING.  2 WWP each, and I love them.  They are sweet and have a great chocolate taste, and they are filling enough to hit the spot without wanting to eat the whole box… although I could happily eat the whole box.

I generally like Kashi products, and I love their Cherry Dark Chocolate Chewy Granola bars.  Now I am anxious to try some of their GoLean snack bars, since I think the GoLean cereal is great.  These aren’t a meal, just a light snack, but they taste great and are more than worth the two points.


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