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Chocolate, Caramel, and Sea Salt

All I have to say is that it’s a really good thing that these Vosges Caramel Marshmallows are too expensive for me to buy.  I’ve been stressed this week and if they were here I’d happily devour them all and worry about the guilt later.  So, I’m glad they’re not here because it means I’m actually doing well.

I didn’t eat dinner on Wednesday thanks to a horrible migraine, and then yesterday when I was in the mood to indulge I made Aaron a carrot cake (which was AMAZING).  I had two pieces, but it still only meant using 1 flex point for the day.  I worked out even though I’d rather have done anything else, and I’m glad yesterday was a workout day since I then managed to pull a back muscle somehow.  Thanks to the pain and stiffness, today is going to be rough.  I’m thankful that I’m not meant to workout again until tomorrow, and I am just hoping tomorrow I am well enough to do it.

Yesterday as part of my workout I did the physical challenge on Yourself Fitness.  When you start working out with the game, you do the physical challenge as a way to judge your initial fitness level, and then every ten workouts or so you do it again to judge your progress.  I was VERY pleased.  I managed to do 45 seconds of jumping jacks (jumping is VERY VERY hard for me for some reason, much harder than many of the other exercises which are considered more difficult), I did 50 crunches instead of 30, and I even managed 10 modified pushups (knees down) instead of zero!  I am so happy to really be seeing progress, and I am THRILLED with the pushup progress since before I got pregnant I was actually managing real pushups.  My goal is to get back there.

So I am feeling really positive.  I’m not feeling a slow down in my progress or motivation, and I find myself genuinely excited for each weigh-in.  If I can get my back in order, I should be chugging along with no issues.  My real goal now is to go to FitBloggin (now sponsored by Weight Watchers, woot!) and be as healthy as possible before I get there.  This is really as a measure to save face, since I know there will be group workouts and a lot of people there who are much fitter than I am, so I am hoping that the healthier I get before going, the better I will be able to keep up!

Now go make some frosted carrot cake and tell me how you like it!  And if you’re going to FitBloggin, let me know!  I’d love to know someone there!


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