Workout Mommy Rocks!

Thanks to an awesome giveaway by Workout Mommy, I won a WW snack cake gift box.  Weight Watchers has just revamped their snack cakes to include cream fillings.  I don’t usually buy their baked goods because although they generally taste great they are a little expensive.  I’ve wanted to try the snack cakes though, so now I’ll get the chance to try them all!  I couldn’t be happier.

In other news, I only lost a half pound this week.  I know any loss is a victory, and I know all of the motivational and supportive things I’d say to someone else, but I can’t get over feeling a little frustrated by such a small loss.  I’m not stopping, but I am bummed.


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  1. […] dessert, lemon, product review, review, snack cakes, Weight Watchers Thanks to the awesome giveaway I won from Workout Mommy (thanks again!) I got a beautiful package on my porch […]

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