FitBloggin, Here I Come!

I am officially registered for FitBloggin!  My amazing, awesome husband let me dip into a little bit of our savings to get my birthday present before the tickets sold out.  I am SO excited to go.  It is also providing me with renewed motivation, since I know there will be a ton of bloggers there who are much more fit than I am.

My FitBloggin to-do list:

  1. Step up the workouts a little bit, aim for 4-5 days per week instead of 3-4
  2. Find a way to design some cool,  eye catching business cards to give out at the conference without spending much money
  3. Save up to pay for the hotel  – speaking of which… do I  get a roommate to help share the cost and risk sharing a room with someone I don’t get along with, or do I go it alone?
  4. Save up for new workout clothes, new bras, new jeans, and a handful of shirts that fit (clearance racks and overstock stores will be useful here) so that I don’t look ridiculous in all of my already too big clothing
  5. Get a haircut?

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