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Slowing Down

I lost another pound this week… well, .8 pounds exactly, and I am feeling strangely unenthusiastic about it.  I remember this phase from other attempts.  I am not ready to quit and I am still trying, but I’ve lost some of my spark.  I am still working out and trying to eat well, but I am finding myself less and less satisfied with my food.  I feel hungry all the time, and for the last week or so it’s all I can do to exercise.

Last week I got into the habit of using 2 or 3 of my flex points almost every day.  I know that is technically allowed, but I worry that it’s a slippery slope for me to go from 2 points per day to using them all and then some.  I am trying to get back to what I was doing before… not necessarily using no flex points, but not counting on using them.

Today, actually, was a little bit better.  I had half a piece of carrot cake and some string cheese for breakfast.  We had leftover pizza (Dominos thin crust with pepperoni and mushroom for me) for lunch, and then I had Nutella on whole wheat for an afternoon snack.  So… I used up most of my points, but then I earned back two for exercising, and we had the best dinner ever.  I was really wanting to use some of the tilapia we have, so we tried a weight watchers recipe for fish & chips and it turned out FANTASTIC.

I am usually a big fan of Hungry Girl, but the Fiber One breading she does is tough for me to get right.  This breading was perfect, tasted great, and had the right crunch to it too.  We’ll definitely be making it again, and I may try the same breading on shrimp and/or chicken.  I may do that tomorrow and try a rum and pineapple sauce I’ve been thinking about.

So maybe today is the turnaround day, probably thanks to an encouraging phone call from my awesome friend Brandi who is in the midst of her own healthy journey and is totally my hero for trying the 30 Day Shred workout.  I know a ton of people love it, but it terrifies me because I am so out of shape right now.  Plus, I can’t get over the thought that it could potentially cause injury by not allowing any recovery time for muscles.  Thoughts?


One Response

  1. i only lost .8 this week too. and like you and am totally unenthusiastic about it. PLUS, being stuck in all this snow is killing me. i am already to my flex points for today and am still hungry. i think i will make myself a drink and climb in bed. i did earn loads of activity points today for moving snow around with a shovel for 50 minutes, so yeah there is that.

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