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Product review: Weight Watchers Cakes

Thanks to the awesome giveaway I won from Workout Mommy (thanks again!) I got a beautiful package on my porch today.

I especially love that it’s called an emergency snack kit.  The small print says “in the event of close contact to sugary doughnuts or office party cake, open this box immediately.”  I wasn’t in close proximity to cake or doughnuts (which I tend to spell “donuts”) but I opened it immediately all the same.

Not only are there full boxes of each new snack cake flavor (new because they now have creme filling) but there is also a coupon for a FREE weight watchers product!  I wanted to try all three right away, but I limited myself to the chocolate and lemon, which were my favorites the last time I had these cakes.

As you can see (my hand is there for reference) they are pretty small, but they were before the creme filling makeover, so I was expecting as much.  Since they’re only 1 point each, the tiny size isn’t really an issue.  First I tried the lemon cake:

Oddly, the creme filling isn’t actually creme.  It’s tough to see in the picture, but it’s sort of like lemon donut filling… like thin jelly or something.  The flavor is good though, a nice bright lemon flavor and good moist cake.  So despite the odd filling, I was pretty pleased.  Now for the chocolate.

The box really makes it look like this has white filling, but it’s actually chocolate creme.  Again, a nice moist cake, and this is VERY chocolatey.  I think it will be perfect for the late afternoon brownie/cookie craving that sometimes hits.

All in all, I’d recommend these.  They’re a little bit expensive, but they taste great and are totally worth the 1 point.  Thanks one more time to Workout Mommy!


4 Responses

  1. you are very welcome!

    the chocolate ones are my favorite! 🙂

  2. […] only better tasting and so good for you.  My normal afternoon snack consists of a Vitatop Sundae, Weight Watchers snack cakes, or something else […]

  3. I, my mom, and my 3 sisters all despise the NEW WW chocolate creme cakes. We absolutely loved the old Chocolate cakes and can’t believe they traded that recipe for this new one. We have stopped buying them and hope more folks who do not like the change will say so and not buy the new ones and maybe they’ll change back! i wouldn’t even mind the creme IF they had kept the same recipe otherwise. THERE IS NO COMPARISON!

    • I agree with what dnta said about not liking the new formula.

      I just tried the Lemon cake and the Carrot cake and both were lacking in flavor. The icing was completely flavorless, and the “creme” center just seemed soggy. There was no defined creme like the picture indicates. The cakes were very greasy, as well.

      In my opinion, the old recipe was much better. Perhaps this is a good thing, as I will save money/calories by no longer purchasing/eating them.

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