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Losing Steam

I worked out five days this week!  I felt great all week and I was so proud to have reached the goal I set for myself.  It feels good to say I did it.  I was so excited to get on the scale after all of my hard work and see the numbers falling.

I weighed myself this morning and….  nothing.  Nothing.  After a week of perfect healthy choices, I lost ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  I am disappointed and frustrated.  I know the numbers on the scale aren’t everything, but when I still have so much to lose, every week that goes by without a pound or more lost feels like a defeat.

I’ve done some research online, and there is no way this could be due to muscle building.  According to everything I can find, it takes a month or more to build enough muscle to make up a pound or more of weight, and it likely takes more than a half hour daily cardio routine.

I am still proud of working out, and I am hoping that feeling so good this week will help carry me through to continue working out next week, but right now I am definitely in a funk.  It’s a good thing we cleaned out the junk food in the house, or this morning would have seen some unhealthy food choices.  I am an emotional eater for sure, which is why I don’t keep that stuff in the house in the first place.  I thought about taking measurements this morning, but I am worried that if I didn’t lose there either it will totally kill what motivation I have left.

Instead I am going to try and reboot my head with some fruit and oatmeal, a cup of coffee, and a sweet little girl who is just waking up.

Edit: Some great Facebook friends have pointed out something I needed to hear.  This is not about this week.  This is a long term effort to get healthy, and no matter what the scale says, I am definitely healthier this week than I was last week.  I am still successful, I am still making the best choices to get my body into shape.  I am still eating well and moving more, and those are the keys to this long term battle.  I CAN do this.  Thank you to my FB friends for reminding me.


One Response

  1. Your FB friends are right, think long term here, not short. You FEEL better, and you will have all the benefits of the fitness you gained last week moving forward. Hang in there and keep it up! You have come a long way already.
    Happy running,

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