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Motivation Monday: Just Keep Swimming

I’m having a little trouble staying positive lately, though so far I have (oddly and uncharacteristically) maintained motivation even if I am beginning to think it’s useless.

See?  There’s the negativity, already peeking through.  I’ve gone from no loss to a half pound gain to a measly .2 pound loss in the last three weeks.  If my measurements are correct, I gained inches this week.  Then again, I have yet to find/purchase a real measuring tape and, as such, have been taking my measurements with a USB cord and a ruler… so they may not be terribly reliable.  😛

I totally want this one because it’s heart shaped and says “love beyond measure.”  Squee.

Anyway, I am feeling stronger and healthier overall, so I am doing what I can to just keep swimming.

I just need to keep going, keep trying, and I know I will get there.  I’ve gotten a lot of advice… cut the sodium, increase the water, eat more points, eat less points….  My tiny loss on Saturday did come after a week of eating as many points as I could, so I may stick to that for another week.  As for sodium and water, I think I’m doing well.  I am sure I could do more, but not without some conveniences/indulgences (packaged foods, wine) that keep me sane.  So this week I will stick to eating all of my points plan and see what next week yields.

This weekend is my walk to benefit Childrens Hospital!


One Response

  1. When I hit a plateau (years ago when I was going to WW meetings) my leader said to really mix up the points, 45 one day, 25 the next, just keep your body guessing (and stay within the weekly points range). It helped me break the up half a pound, down half a pound cycle.

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