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The Monday Project Link-Up: What Would Have Happened If I Waited?

Over on Shrinking Jeans today is the link-up day for the Monday Project.  If you’re not familiar, every Monday a new prompt is posted and we have until Friday to write about it and link back.  So here’s mine for this week…

What would have happened if I had waited two years to start this health journey?  I don’t like to think about that question because it terrifies me.  What would have happened?  I would have continued eating whatever I wanted and slowly, but surely, gotten bigger and bigger.  I’d be two years past thirty and weigh close to or over 300 pounds.  I’d be unhealthy, sore, and miserable, and I would be ashamed of myself and what I was teaching our daughter.

I might never have tried to get healthy if I’d waited two more years to start.  Having 75 pounds to lose is daunting enough.  More than that, and I might have felt too overwhelmed to begin.

Waiting would have cost me my health, my pride, and worst of all the health of my tiny, ten month old daughter.  I would give anything for her to grow up in a house where healthy habits are the norm.  I am doing it.  She watches me exercise almost every day, and now that she can eat what we eat, she eats plenty of fruits and veggies and healthy grains.  When she’s old enough, which I think will be not long from now, she will exercise with me.  It will be a game we play together, and she will learn to move her body and work up a sweat.

I don’t know how bad it might have gotten if I’d waited, and I am so glad I will never find out.

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3 Responses

  1. I’m so glad you’ll never find out what would’ve happened if you’d waited, too! Congratulations on taking control and setting a good example for your daughter!!

  2. p.s. Can’t wait to meet you at Fitbloggin’! I’m going, too!

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