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FitBloggin 2010: Day One

This weekend was AMAZING.  My brother dropped me off in Baltimore on his way back to college on Friday.

FitBloggin Day One:

The weather was gorgeous, so I spent a little time outside before checking in.

Me in front of the hotel

Waiting in front of the hotel

I headed in to the hotel and registered, collecting my awesome swag bag, and headed up to my room.

Swag bag goodies

My swag bag goodies - a Skinny Cow kitchen towel, bowl and spoon from Green Lite Bites, New Balance socks, Skinny Cow magnet, POM Wonderful notebook made from recycled paper, New Balance running shorts, Quaker granola bar, FitBloggin sticker, Gruve body monitor, a sample of Click Energy Drink, New Balance walking shoes, mints, a beautiful FitBloggin t-shirt from Thriv, a Diets in Review sticker, a Clymb gift card, and a Weight Watchers Points pedometer

I can’t believe how much great stuff was in the bag, and there was even more great stuff I collected later!  I had some time to kill before the cocktail reception started… so I called home to check on Evi and Aaron.

Talking on the phone...

Me on the phone with my awesome husband.

In the remaining time, I started second guessing the dress I’d planned to wear to the reception.  I saw some Tweets and posts saying people would be going casual, and since I was already feeling a little out of place, I was terrified to show up and be the only one dressed up.  As it turned out, I would have been fine in the dress (which I will be wearing somewhere soon since it was SO comfortable) but I ended up in this instead:

My reception outfit.

My reception outfit... snapped while standing on the edge of the bath tub.

Finally, I made my way down to the reception.

Me in the mirror.

Wearing my conference pass and snapping a quick pic before heading down to the reception.

At the conference, I had a wonderful pomegranate martini (the reception was sponsored by the great people at POM Wonderful) and met some great bloggers.  I had a great time snacking on mushroom tarts, chicken curry tarts, and talking to Dani from Dani Spies and Marisa from Loser for Life.

pomegranate martini

A fantastic martini from POM

FitBloggin sticker

Roni's adorable son passed out FitBloggin stickers to everyone at the reception.

Me & Marisa

Me and Marisa getting ready to head up to our rooms after the cocktail reception.

Although the reception was fun, it was also sort of overwhelming to try and mingle with SO many people.  Afterward, I felt a little concerned that I didn’t really belong at the conference.  There were so many people there who were already fit, so many blogging superstars, and a ton of people who already knew one another.  I called Aaron for some comfort and to say goodnight.

Me on the phone

Relaxing in bed and talking to Aaron one more time before getting some sleep.

My room was great, and the view was so beautiful…

Hotel room

My room - pic taken from the doorway.

Hotel bed

My big, comfy hotel bed.

Coffee machine

The all important coffee maker.

Baltimore at Night

The beautiful view of the Baltimore Harbor at night.

Baltimore Harbor at night

Another night view of Baltimore from my hotel window.

I made sure to wear my Gruve all day long (and I’m still wearing it now), though I was super frustrated to discover that the battery died in the middle of the night and all of my hard work burning calories on Friday and Saturday morning (including a fast paced one mile walk) didn’t get recorded.  I did a little bit of much needed reading to relax, then inspected my gross toe (still bruised from walking five miles in slightly too small shoes) before finally getting to sleep.

The Gruve

Me wearing my Gruve, which I cannot think about without playing a scene in my head from The Emperor's New Groove where the old man is raving about The Groove, The Groooove...

Reading La Bella Lingua

Finally catching up on some reading with the long awaited La Bella Lingua.

Bruised toe

My super gross toe bruise.


2 Responses

  1. next year I will bring a camera…this year I was waaay too caught up in the chatting 🙂

  2. H, I had the same exact feeling that night! Weird, right?! Glad I found you and I think we did great for not “knowing” anyone!

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