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FitBloggin Day 2 & 3

Finally, some time to update about the rest of FitBloggin.  I woke up to the alarm on Saturday morning and laid in bed staring at the clock, trying to decide if I would just skip the 6:30am walk and get some more sleep.  In the end, I couldn’t let my new New Balance shoes down…

Sleepy Me

Me, finally deciding to get out of bed...

We gathered downstairs for the walk, and I got a little chance to talk to a ton of cool bloggers.  Marisa got some great pictures of me… one with Mary from A Merry Life and AJ from AJ Loves to Lose, and one with MrsFatass from Did I Just Eat That Out Loud, Julie from Chubby Mommy Running Club, Fitarella, and Steve from 265 and Falling.  We all got a great group picture, and then the walkers headed one way while the runners went another.

Me with Mary and AJ!

Me with Mary and AJ! Picture by Marisa.

Me with Sue, Julie, Fitarella, and Steve.

Me with Sue, Julie, Fitarella, and Steve. Picture by Marisa.

The whole New Balance walk/run crowd.

The whole New Balance walk/run crowd, looking surprisingly chipper for 6:30 in the morning. Picture by CarrieD.

Walkers heading out.

Walkers heading out.

I was terrified I would freeze during the walk, since I only brought a short sleeved workout tee, but I warmed up fast thanks to a brisk pace and some great conversation with Jen from Watch My Bump Grow and Gail from Shrinking Sisters.  I was mad since I forgot my camera, but the walk was fun and surprisingly over too soon!  Afterward I felt invigorated and ready for the day.  I spent some time in my room admiring my New Balance socks (hilariously labeled Left and Right, and easily the most comfortable socks I’ve EVER worn), then I showered and tried to look presentable for breakfast.

New Balance socks.

New Balance socks, labeled Left and Right. SO comfortable.

Ready for  Breakfast!

Ready for Breakfast!


My hair, held in place with a makeshift satin string hijacked from my makeup bag.

I headed down to an awesome breakfast hosted by Quaker and then checked out some of the sponsor booths with Gail.

Quaker oatmeal bar!

Quaker oatmeal bar!

Oatmeal from Quaker.

My awesome breakfast... Quaker oatmeal with craisins. Actually, this was Marisa's food since I was too hungry and ate mine before taking a pic.

Me & Gail.

Me & Gail.

The New Balance booth.

The awesome New Balance table, where they displayed the walking and running shoes we were given, plus the GREAT looking new toning shoes they will be sending us in April!

I had some coffee and some awesome POM Wonderful pomegranate juice before heading off to the first conference.

Coffee & POM.

Coffee and POM juice, along with my notebook for taking conference session notes.

After a great session on SEO and Accessibility, I stopped by to watch a quick session of MizFit’s Muscles in Minutes and then headed off to a session on pitching to traditional media.  The morning sessions were followed by an awesome lunch.

MizFit's Muscles in Minutes

MizFit's Muscles in Minutes

FitBloggin Lunch

Lunch at FitBloggin - fantastic mushroom soup, pancetta & beet salad, marinated veggies, and a prosciutto and mozzarella panini.


Dessert - sugar free jello, fresh fruit, smartwater, and a smile.

After lunch, I headed to the conference room where I had some great talk time with some blog superstars!  I sat with MrsFatass, Steve, Fitarella, and Journey Beyond Survival.  We even had some time to chat with Caitlin from Healthy Tipping Point before the Getting Published session, which I followed up with a session on monetizing your blog.

MrsFatass of Did I Just Eat That Out Loud and Steve from 265andfalling.

MrsFatass of Did I Just Eat That Out Loud and Steve from 265andfalling.

Fitarella & Journey Beyond Survival.

Fitarella & Journey Beyond Survival.

After the final session, there were some closing remarks by EA Sports Active (thanks, now I want a Wii), Sonic Tap (someone remind me to set up my workout playlist!), Thriv (best shirts ever), Gruve, & Weight Watchers before a final closing reception sponsored by Jello that included adorable jello glasses and SUSHI!  You know how I love sushi, and this stuff was fantastic!  I chatted with Jen before finally working up the nerve to ask Roni for a picture.  I am so dorky.

Sushi & Jello.

Sushi & Jello - I went for salmon, tuna, and seafood salad rolls with a side of Jello Mousse in caramel and dark chocolate. I was sad not to have cash for the bar, but paired the food with some water.

Me & Jen

Me & Jen from Watch My Bump Grow (formerly -and in the future- Watch My Butt Shrink)

Me & Roni

It literally took me twenty minutes to work up the nerve to ask Roni for a picture. She is totally my blog and weight loss hero, and I was utterly starstruck. Of course, she was SUPER nice, and she even seemed to know who I was... though she might have just been too nice to say otherwise. Either way, I love this pic!

After the conference, I went up to the room and changed my clothes.  I took some pictures of the beautiful sunset and relaxed before meeting my awesome friend Amanda for dinner at Dalessio’s.  I had their awesome vitello (veal) saltimbocca and we shared the best, lightest tiramisu I have ever had.

Sunset from my room.

Sunset from my room.

A beautiful Baltimore sunset.

A beautiful Baltimore sunset.

Me and my Manda.

Me and my Manda.

A crappy cell phone pic of my vitello (veal) saltimbocca from Dalesio's.

A crappy cell phone pic of my vitello (veal) saltimbocca from Dalesio's.

It was a long, tiring, and completely amazing day.  I was so worn out that I slept really well despite a whole floor of teenagers making noise until the wee hours.  I managed to drag myself out of bed at 6 to head down to Yoga for Bloggers.  I’d intended to head out after that, but since Aaron wasn’t picking me up until 11, I decided to stay for the half hour 10 Minute Solution session as well.  It almost killed me and totally gave me raw elbows (thank you, army crawl) but I felt GREAT afterward.

10 Minute Solution

10 Minute Solution - that's me in the pink... oh my god my arms are fat.

10 Minute Solution

10 Minute Solution - me again, in the pink on the left.

A great workout.

Me, feeling worn out and fantastic after a great morning of working out right next to Roni.

My raw elbows...

My elbows, all sore and raw after army crawls during the 10 Minute Solution workout. I am so hardcore.

After a shower and packing up my stuff, I took a few more pictures of the view from my room.  I warmed up my leftovers from dinner and (yes) ate veal for breakfast, along with some English Breakfast tea.  It was weird, but really good.

A harbor morning.

A harbor morning.

A harbor morning.

More of my view...

A harbor morning.

Last view of the city...

Veal & tea

Veal & tea, breakfast of champions?

I spent some more time reading (I am loving La Bella Lingua) until Aaron picked me up at 11:30.  We headed to lunch, where we met my All Time, Hands Down, Award Winning Favorite Teacher Ever.  She was my Italian and Latin professor in college and we’ve kept in touch since then.  She is such a great friend and it’s been way too long since we had the chance to get together.  Lunch was great, and I was so happy to see her again.

I can’t believe that’s it… or how long this post is.  I had such a fantastic time at FitBloggin.  I am already planning and saving for next year, though I bet Roni wishes we’d all give it a break for a little while!  I came home with tons of notes on how to make this blog better, how to make my health journey better, and I made some fabulous new friends.


11 Responses

  1. […] Friends, New Friends 23 03 2010 I made some amazing new friends at FitBloggin!  I can’t wait to see how the connections I made will change  my healthy […]

  2. Love it! I heart you! It was fun to see the pictures.

  3. Duuuude! I totally know who you were! Seriously! I even remember you questions on formspring. 😉

    I’m so glad you had fun! I love all your pictures!

    and would love if youd link your post when I post my Fitbloggin recap on friday.
    Your photos and captions/musings rock.

  5. Hey. That’s me on your blog.
    And I TOTALLY love leftovers for brekky. Totally.
    LOVED LOVED LOVED meeting you!

  6. GGGRRREEEAAATTT Pics!!!! You even got the bowl of mints that JBS snagged for me! WOOHOO! 🙂

  7. You are so awesome, Heather! Loved your recap and you are welcome to hijack my breakfast anytime 😉

  8. great recap—I love your pictures!

    and I think my baby was flirting with you in one of the sessions. 🙂

  9. Hey Hard Core Lady!
    Loved your Fit Bloggin recap here. And I LOVE that you are showing off your elbows – way to WORK it girl!

    Thanks so much for coming to the 10 Minute Solution session (for crawling with me) and giving it your all.

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