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Gruve Solution Review

One of the amazing FREE things we got at FitBloggin was this little guy:

The Gruve, blue light

A pic of the Gruve from Gizmodo.fr. This one is lit blue, which is one step away from the ideal GREEN light that signifies the target calories burned.

I picked mine up from the Gruve table on Friday afternoon and immediately put it on.  I walked and fidgeted and paced, making sure it turned green before I went to sleep.  It buzzed in the middle of the night, so I knocked it onto the floor.  In the morning, I put it back on and wore it for my one mile walk.  After breakfast I went to the Gruve table to find out how I’d been doing (it was green again!) and I found out I’d lost all of my data!  The middle of the night buzzing was the Gruve telling me the battery was dying, and once it died I lost all my data!  I was so upset.

The people at the Gruve table (who were really nice) charged it up for me and I wore it through the rest of the weekend.  I haven’t had any further problems… unless you count the fact that right now it’s apparently freaking out.  I plugged it in this morning to synch it up and it has just been sitting there trying to synch for almost an hour now…  I am going to be SO upset if I’ve lost another day of data, especially since I know it’s charged this time.

I will go ahead and review it assuming that today’s issues will be shortly resolved.  I swear, I have the worst luck with these things.

There was a lot of talk at the conference about whether or not the Gruve was a good thing, since I can see how it could make you a little bit obsessed with monitoring.  You wear it on your hip and it monitors your activity (calories burned) throughout the day.  When you buy it, you put in your personal information and it configures the Gruve to your settings.  It starts out with a red light, and as you get closer to your goal it moves from orange to yellow to blue to green.  If you sit still for 50 minutes, it vibrates briefly to remind you to get up and move.  Moving again for five minutes will stop the vibrating for another 50 minutes.  I have noticed that it doesn’t do well tracking your calories burned for slow, isolated movements like weights, yoga, or pilates.

I love the idea of the thing, and it is super light weight and low profile.  It is easy to wear, and the integrated clip keeps the device on my waistband pretty well.  It did come off in the car once, but I think the seatbelt caught it.  I overheard a couple of people talking about the potential for obsession (please don’t wear it in your sleep, it’s weird) but I think it’s great.  Getting healthy is all about resetting your mind, and the Gruve helps me to think differently.  I am constantly aware of my activity levels and I am always feeling motivated to move a little bit more.  I like the drive to turn it GREEN, and I end up pacing while I am on the phone or brushing my teeth, taking the stairs more, and walking around the house a lot to make sure I get my Gruve to turn green before I go to bed at night.

Provided it ever stops trying to synch and actually retrieves my information from yesterday and today (including several hours of activity in the middle of the night when my daughter was awake and screaming), I’d say it’s a fantastic device.  If it’s lost all of my info again, my feelings on the issue will be significantly less positive.

Update and Clarification: The Gruve did finally synch, and all of my info was still there, so I am still loving my little Gruve.  I should also clarify that I have not been paid for this post or encouraged to write it by the company.  I did, however, receive the Gruve for free but have received no further compensation.


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  1. Sound way better than those pedometers I can never get to count properly 🙂

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