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Running for Beginners – C25K

I will officially start the Couch to 5K program on Monday with at least one great FitBloggin friend.  I was feeling pretty freaked out about it, so I tried to make a plan.  For me, it works better when I plan it out.  I made sure my running shoes still fit… and they do! I love my New Balance 414 Athletic Shoes and I am so glad I bought them last year!

My super supportive sports bra from Title Nine turned out to be the wrong fit and shape for me, so I headed out in a doubled up design.  I realized a few things right away.

  1. I need a strap for my iPod.  Tucking it in to my bra straps is not working.
  2. People drive WAY too fast in my neighborhood.  If I’m going to run in the late afternoon, I definitely need some reflective gear.  Suggestions?
  3. My shins hurt, and I know why!  I didn’t stretch well enough ahead of time, and I only walked for maybe three minutes before I started trying to run.  Next time I will stretch well before I go out, and I will walk for at least five minutes.  Fortunately, stretching when I came home kept the shin pain from hanging around.
  4. I definitely need running fuel.  I had some peanut butter before I went out.  Next time I will put it on bread to add some quick energy carbs.
  5. I think I might love running!  I was frustrated when I first got home because I only went .7 miles, and I only ran about half of that, but that is GREAT.  I went from zero running to running .3 miles!
  6. SLOW DOWN!  Everyone told me to take it slow, but it’s tough to do!  I start running and my natural pace is a little too fast for my physical ability right now.  I need to really concentrate on slowing down at first.  I am hoping the C25K podcast music will help with my pacing.
  7. I get SUPER thirsty.  Any suggestions for bringing water without having to carry a water bottle?

I’m proud of myself, and I had a pretty good time.  I was a little bit too aware of people out in their yards or driving by… I couldn’t help worrying about looking silly in front of them, which I am sure I did.  I have to get over that, because that sense of being watched made it really difficult not to push harder than I am ready for.  At least now I can be prepared for it.

Couch to 5K?  Be scared.  I’m coming for you, and I’m going to ROCK IT!

I’m thinking of doing one of these 5K runs.  Anyone want to come along?  Which should I choose?

4TH Annual Leatherneck 5K Race and Fun Run/Walk – May 22

ADC Memorial Weekend 5K Run – May 29

Young Life 5K Run/Walk – June 5


5 Responses

  1. I think there’s some sort of water bottle thingie that straps to your hand so you don’t have to actually hold it?? I’m sure and actual RUNNER will know what it is, lol!
    Don’t worry about what everyone is thinking – do you think, “that girl looks silly” when you see someone else running? Well, I don’t – I usually think, “Damn, I should start running”, lol.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. YAY!!! I am super excited and am also a planner. I was just telling the BF about how I needed to load up my ipod, find some podcasts, map out my location, and plot out the times in my schedule. I have had good luck with the Enell bras. Such a frustrating experience. So excited to get started with you!

  3. I just got me an arm strap today!! I needed it b/c wearing it in my pocket was making my shorts fall down…fail!

    I finished Week 1 today! Starting week 2 monday. *gulp* Keep us posted on your progress!

  4. So proud of you. I keep thinking about starting this, but I go to the gym and love the classes. But now that my schedule is getting too full, I might do the C25K either on the treadmill or on the days I can’t get to the gym. And I think there are fanny packs to carry your water bottle. (Or hydration packs, but those are more expensive and probably not worth the investment right this second. Maybe if you really get into running.) Oh, and I love my sports bra from Target. It’s a C9 by Champion® Seamless sports bra and I wear it in an XL and it ROCKS. I feel great in it. I’ve been buying a lot of Champion stuff and love everything so far.

  5. Come follow this blog: 500 in 2010 Laura C is hard core. And totally nice. She gives the lowdown on everything from bounceless bras, to shoes, to waterbottle gadgets, to bathroom emergencies. Friday Gumbo. You’re gonna love it.

    I hope your second day is as awesome as the first!

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