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POMx Iced Coffee Review

On a whim, I bought the POMx iced coffee while we were at the grocery store the other night.  I had a coupon (thanks, FitBloggin & POM Wonderful) for a free bottle of POM, and when I saw the iced coffee I grabbed a chocolate one to try.  (In case you’re curious, I got the pomegranate mango juice with my coupon.)

POMx Iced Coffee - Chocolate

POMx Iced Coffee - Chocolate

The bottle is small and looks pretty cool.  It’s made with skim milk and gives you all the benefits of pomegranate antioxidants, plus cream, chocolate, and caffeine.  Now I am a coffee drinker.  We make a pot of coffee every morning and I always have a pretty large mug to start my day.  I like the caffeine and the taste, and I usually add a packet of No Sugar Added hot cocoa to my mug instead of sweeteners or creamers.  It’s pretty good, and it’s only 1 WW point for the mug.

Now the POMx is 3 WW points for a smaller amount of liquid, so for a little while I was concerned about it.  In the end, I figured it was worth a try.  And I am SO glad I did.  It’s great.  It’s easily the best tasting coffee drink I’ve had.  It’s just the right amount, kept me awake and going strong well into the afternoon (longer than my coffee does) and didn’t upset my stomach the way that my regular coffee often does.

I looked it up, and it has a little more caffeine than your average cup of coffee, which could explain my extended energy, but it wasn’t so much of a jolt that I felt jittery.  I was super impressed and I will definitely be buying more.  Now if only I could find somewhere to buy it by the case…

Disclosure: Although I was given a coupon for a free bottle of POM juice at the conference, I was not given anything concerning the iced coffee.  I have not been paid for this review, nor have I received any free coffee products from POM.


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