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Review: 10 Minute Solution Workout

At FitBloggin, I got two free workout DVDs.  First was the 10 Minute Solution Bootcamp, which I have yet to try and scares me a little after the army crawl that shredded my elbows.  Second was the 10 Minute Solution: Knockout Body Workout Kit, which I have done three times now and came with weighted gloves.

The gloves make the workout a little tougher and eliminate the need for handheld weights during the workout, which is nice, but my hands get SWEATY under them, so I have to leave them out to dry after a workout.  It’s confirmed, me=gross.

I love the functionality of this DVD.  You have the option to play all five ten minute workouts, choose one, or create your own customized workout.  With the custom option, you choose any or all of the five workouts in whatever order you’d like.  You can repeat sections, mix up the order…  I tend to do half hour workouts, so I choose the three that appeal to me that day.  The choices are Knockout Body Blast, Fat Attack, Fierce & Fabulous Abs, Ultimate Upper Body, and Kickbox Cross Train.

For my first workout with this one, I chose Fat Attack, Abs, and Kickbox Cross Train.  Dude, the abs are TOUGH.  I did it, but I was almost as sweaty as when I run.  Apparently, I’m a sweat-er too.  Hee hee, thanks Mrs. Fatass for that awesome term.

I felt good after the workout, and a little sore without being awful the next day.  The next time I did the same combination.  Last time, last Tuesday, I did the Knockout Body Blast, Kickbox Cross Train, and Upper Body.  I am trying to do more upper body work since I don’t feel like I get enough strength training and my arms are Flabby McFlabberson.

I really liked the workout.  It was tough, but I could feel it working.  My arms were SORE that night and into the next day, and even now (three days later) certain movements feel a little tight.  I probably could have stretched more, or left out the weighted gloves since I am not used to arm work, but I was happy with the way it turned out.  I don’t mind a little soreness if I feel like I am getting results.

I love this DVD.  I love the chance to make my own combinations, and it will make it much easier to not get bored with this workout.  I keep telling myself I am going to try the Bootcamp one as well, but I don’t think I can handle any more army crawling!  These are tough, serious workouts for the time challenged, and I love them.  Since each section is only ten minutes, you could work out for just ten minutes several times a day, workout for a full fifty minutes (which, at this point, might KILL me) or anything in between.  It’s an awesome way to fit working out into a busy day.

Disclosure: the videos were given to me for free, and if you click the link and buy through Amazon I do get a few pennies, but I was not asked to review the workouts and am not being compensated to do so.


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  1. Sounds great – I wish I had gotten this one at Fitbloggin!

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