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Couch to 5K Week 1, Day 3


I got up at seven this morning (be concerned, I might be a pod person) because I opened my eyes and wanted to run. Seriously, pod person. I was supposed to run yesterday and didn’t get the chance thanks to last minute Easter grocery shopping, and when I woke up (all on my own, not because of baby sounds) I really wanted to run!

I slept in my running clothes to make it easier for myself, and I had the iPod and water bottle ready to go on the kitchen counter. When I got outside, it was a lot colder than I was expecting.  I guess I don’t spend a lot of time outside at seven in the morning. I debated going back inside to grab a zippy jacket but figured I’d warm up before too long and then I’d be irritated by having to carry it around.

My five minute warm up walk was exactly what I needed to warm me up. Shocking, right? A warm up that… warms. I headed out in a new direction too. I have been experimenting with different routes through the neighborhood, and so far this morning’s route was the best I’ve done. I really only run/walk along the same three or four roads, but there are still a couple of options that change when and where I hit the hills. I changed it up this time so that I was hitting the harder hills in the beginning of the session and I found it to be much better than trying to get through them near the end of the session.

I still can’t believe I am doing this. Me. I am sort of kind of totally running, and more than that, I am enjoying it. Right now the running is still really tough for me, so what I am really enjoying is the pride of knowing I did it. I am liking it so much that it totally didn’t phase me when the scale this morning told me I hadn’t lost weight this week. Who cares? I ran!

I am finding some things helpful to keep in mind as I go. I carry water with me. Check out my Amazon store in the sidebar there (if you buy from it, I get pennies!) to see the water bottle fanny pack thing that I use. It’s great because it’s got a little bungee cord to keep the bottle in while you run, and a pocket that is the perfect size for my cell phone, keys, and iPod, plus a little hole that I can feed my headphones through to make it easier to follow the podcasts. I make sure to drink water slowly during every walk session, keeping the bottle in my hand and taking a small sip every couple of seconds. I don’t want to drink so much that it sloshes when I run, but for me I am still not able to breathe deeply the whole time, so my throat gets VERY dry during the running portions and if I don’t stay hydrated it will be miserable.

I will be repeating this first week. I don’t want to move on until I have this down, but I don’t think I will have to repeat it more than once. I think I will also be investing in some kind of sports drink to have during my runs. I keep reading that it will make the runs easier, and they make a lot of them now with no calories, so I figure it’s worth a try.

Dude. I finished another session. I am so cool. Be cool with me?


5 Responses

  1. great job…you’re doing so good!

  2. You should be really proud of yourself! I like your blog!

  3. You are doing great – I really need to start the C25K again, I got side tracked in week 2 and never got back to it 😦

  4. whoooo hoooo Heather! I am proud of you!! You DID it!!

  5. You go, girl! I am just beginning the C25K program and OMG! It’s soooooo hard. I started today and couldn’t finish Week 1 Day 1. I finished the first 3 runs and seriously thought I was gonna die during run 4 so I just stopped. Disappointed but still not giving up. Seeing you finish is totally giving me hope.

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