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Learning to Appreciate my Body

I still can’t believe I am doing a run training program at all. I really had myself convinced, mostly thanks to some smug coworkers at the last job, that I was just one of those people who couldn’t run. Now I feel like those people might not exist. Maybe everyone can run, as long as they’re willing to take it at the pace that works for them. Which, for me, might very well mean that I repeat the first week two or three or four times, but I am coming to terms with that. My competitive streak is itching to push me to the next week just to prove I can, but I am trying to be patient with my body, which is honestly trying very hard to make this work.

Poor body. I haven’t always been so good to you, have I? I’ve fed you badly, let you get too big for your britches (literally) and I’ve neglected to move you as often as I should. I’ve never smoked or drank heavily or done drugs, so I suppose I’ve kept you healthy in that way, but I’ve done you no good in terms of food and exercise. I am so sorry, body. You are so strong and amazing, you are such a me-sized miracle. I should have learned to be grateful for you a long time ago. I guess it took a baby and a thirtieth birthday to really mature me enough to see what a goldmine, what an amazing factory of energy and strength I have in you.

Body, I am making you a promise. No more yo-yo. No more fad diets or weird juice diets or silly things. No more desperate attempts. We’re just going to make good choices. I am going to eat more fruits, veggies, whole grains and lean proteins to give you the right kind of fuel. I am going to keep you moving every day for at least a half hour to keep you strong and (eventually) lean. I am going to train you to run a 5K, because you are so strong and you, Mr. Heart, you can do anything. Together, me and you body, we will show the world just what I can do.

I’ve put you down a lot too, haven’t I? I’ve said unkind things about your shape and size, when really it was all my fault that you weren’t better looking. And who cares anyway? Why have I put you down about the way you look? I’d never let someone else say those things about you, but I said them myself! What a hypocrite! Well, no more of that either. No more negative talk. We’ll just embrace what we’ve got, and know we’re headed in the right direction.

That sounds good, right? Between the two of us, and with the help of all of our online and real life friends and family, we can do this. We can turn you into the strong, fit body you were born to be and leave all of these silly insecurities and bad habits in the dust. Let’s get started, shall we?


4 Responses

  1. I love, love. love this letter ! Can you write one to my body, too? It needs a pep talk 😉

  2. what a great post and I’m sure your body thanks you for this change. I like to think of us as “running buddies” (altho, I’m more of a slow jogger than a runner but I’ll take what I can get!) Let’s DO THIS!

  3. Excellent post!! I need to write the same kind of letter.

    And you ARE a runner. The first time you laced up your shoes and hit the pavement, you became a runner. You and me both, baby!! 🙂

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