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C25K W1D5: Find a Running Buddy

I really struggled with my run yesterday. I really, really didn’t want to go out and run in the humidity. The temperature had started to drop some, thankfully, but I was just dreading my run. I had my running clothes on anyway, and I tried to have everything ready so that I could go as soon as Aaron got home from work. I figured if I just kept planning on going, maybe I would find myself out on the road before I had the chance to stop myself.  Evi stood at the window and waved as her daddy pulled up in the driveway.

Man, I really like that kid.

So I tried to ramp myself up mentally, tried to get excited about another slog, but I just couldn’t do it. I was still determined to get out there. At the last minute, Aaron said he wanted to go with me! I was a little surprised, because usually he likes to take it easy and unwind from work, but he said he needed the exercise. I was excited for him to come along, because the truth is that I really, really like him and every extra minute we get to spend together is a huge deal for me. He changed into some workout appropriate clothes, laced up his tennis shoes (we may have to get him running shoes if this continues…) and volunteered to push the stroller while I concentrated on not dying.

When we stepped out the door, I realized I was nervous to run with him! He is not overweight (which I, clearly, am) and he is MUCH taller than me (6’5″) so I knew it was going to be much easier for him. Suddenly I was nervous that he would think I was a weenie, or that I would feel really bad running next to him when he was having such an easy time with it.

So… it was easy for him. But I didn’t feel bad. The truth is that once I really got going I wasn’t particularly paying attention to him. We talked during the walk segments, but for each sixty second run I was in my own space. It was nice. In the end, I liked having him out there with me. He observed that I was a little faster at each run segment, and thanks to him I feel good about moving on to week TWO of C25K next week. I am nervous about it, and I am still not sure I can do it, but I feel ready to try now.

I am telling you, my competitive streak is going to do me in. I spent the first five minute warm up walk yesterday talking to Aaron about my hangups about running. I told him that sometimes I feel like running just isn’t for me. I don’t know anyone who has had to repeat the first week… and I know people who I would consider to be much less fit who’ve had a much easier time with the C25K program. He pointed out that there are ten zillion factors that influence how “easy” it is for someone to run, that a lot of people probably should be repeating and aren’t, and that at least some people are TOTAL LIARS who just aren’t admitting to it. That made me laugh, cleared my mental fog, and allowed me to get on with the run.

The last run, which as usual turned out to be uphill, was tough. I enjoyed it though, and afterward I felt really good. Aaron didn’t really run, because thanks to his height and overall health he is much faster than me, but he did say that he will continue to come out there with me because even a fast walk feels good for him and gets him moving. So now C25K is going to be a family affair! Me, sweaty and looking pained, Aaron with his long legs and quick walk, and Evi happily pointing out everything we pass from the comfort of her stroller. Seriously, that kid loves to point at things.

I’m excited about this new, family style workout thing I have going. I am hoping getting out there with Aaron next week will keep me from giving up on week 2, which terrifies me. I am filled with horror at the idea of moving beyond week 2, to more horrifying things like week THREE or week FOUR…. but I’m just going to get out there and keep going!

Seriously, if I can do this, you can do this. Whoever you are, whatever your level, you can do this too. Who cares if you have to repeat week 1 forty two times? Just get out there! Go slooooooow. Really. No, slower than that. And get a buddy. Maybe a real life one like Aaron, or maybe an internet one like Craig or Megan! I’m a lucky girl. I have THREE running buddies.  🙂


6 Responses

  1. Oh girl, when I have done it in the past, I have repeated week one, and week two, AND week three!!! Don’t feel bad for repeating anything – there’s no C25K police nazi making sure you do it ABSOLUTELY CORRECTLY!!!! It’s YOUR training schedule – do it however works best for you!
    The only reason I’m not repeating this time is because my race is (gulp) 7 weeks away! I HAVE to finish the training or I will die on race day.
    I think it’s great that your hubs is getting in on the act with you – it makes it so much easier when you’ve got someone right there with you!

  2. You CAN do it! You are doing splendidly, and taking it at your own pace. That means that you will be MUCH more likely to stick with it, because you will enjoy it more. Good for you!

  3. I think you are doing great and I give you 10 million extra kudos for running outside. I Just finished week 3, but remember, I’m doing it on the treadmill…sooooo I might have a point deducted. I guess the point is we’re trying right? Good luck on week two, email me how you do if you don’t do a post!! 🙂

  4. I just started C25K and one of the things that made it easier was seeing people such as yourself post about repeating/extending weeks. It makes it less intimidating to think about it as a gradual progress instead of specific start/end points. I always wonder if this is the right thing for my body or not, but it really has helped to have less pressure – to know that I can continue to do the 90sec walk/60sec jog as long as my body needs me to stay at that level.

  5. I’m proud of you for keeping it up. When I started out running last fall, I hated every run segment, and I had to repeat several weeks, several times. Don’t give up hope, because you can do it and you will!!

  6. This is great! Great posts everyone! I have ALWAYS hated running. In high school, I remember my most dreaded day every day was the mile run. Ugh I hated it. I started the C25K a couple weeks ago. I hate it – I hate running but I feel SOOOO awesome when it’s done. Today I was getting kind of bummed because even though I have increased my speed some (treadmill) – I am still repeating week one. I mean that last 5 seconds of ever minute run just kill me. But I”m happy to see that others repeat it too. And you’re right – I mean this is for YOU. Repeating steps is still SO much better than not running at all. Thanks for the motivation everyone!! P.S. If anyone uses a Droid (or probably iPhone) – there are some good apps out there that will alert you when to start walking/running so you can listen to music – it sure beats staring at that second hand. Good luck everyone!

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