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C25K Week 1 + Bad Food Choices

It’s Saturday, and I am spending a beautiful day stuck indoors wrangling the baby at a not-so-close friend’s house while Aaron is outside in their garage with a couple of guys trying to figure out what on earth is wrong with our car(s).  I am really not looking forward to the three hour drive home either… but at least for the moment Evi is content to hang out with me on the couch so I can squeeze in a blog post.

I got up this morning and ran!  I woke up at seven, ready to go and already wearing my running clothes, and I got out of the house as quietly as I could.  I left behind a sleeping husband, baby, and puppy and stepped out into some surprisingly cold wind.  After my five minute walk, I was still pretty chilly and I considering going back home for long sleeves, but my first sixty second run warmed me up enough to keep going.  I really, really like running early in the morning like this.  Even on hot days, it’s pretty nice at 7am and, at least on the weekend, no one is out on the roads.  I don’t have to worry about weird guys in work vans or neighbors who are cranky because their oddly aggressive dogs are out in the front yard (?) and may or may not want to eat me.  The sunlight is so crisp and clear through the spring trees, birds are singing… it feels like running in a movie.

This morning’s run was sort of momentous for me, as it is officially the last week one run for Couch to 5K.  On Monday I will try week two for the first time and hopefully it won’t be as hard as I’m afraid it will.  I’m feeling pretty nervous about trying longer running segments, since I feel like I am barely getting through the shorter ones, but Aaron swears I am getting faster, and the distances I am tracking seem to be getting ever so slightly longer, so I do think my speed is improving.  If it is, then there is no reason not to at least try week two.  I think I can do it.

Tell me I can do it.

As for the rest of my progress… I lost .2 pounds this week.  So yay?  Whatever, I’ll take any loss.  Food has been good too… until today.  Today has been a total DISASTER.  Because of our fix the car fieldtrip, we stopped at Starbucks for breakfast.  I really wanted something savory, so I planned to get their egg white & feta wrap… but they were out of it, and also out of the egg white sandwich they have, so I ended up with the huevos rancheros wrap.  I figured if I was eating whole eggs and real cheese, I could at least balance it with veggie salsa and black beans.  So not a total loss, but still not what I was hoping for.

We ended up stopping for lunch thanks to a cranky, hungry baby… but the area where we stopped had only fast food options, so we were sort of stuck.  I planned on a salad, but when we got there the salads looked awful, so Aaron and I split a fried chicken sandwich with cheese and bacon.  At least it was good, which the fries were not, so I skipped on those.  When we finally got to our destination, they’ve been sick all week (I am going to be so cranky if Evi gets sick) and haven’t been grocery shopping, so I ended up eating Easter candy!  I had two cookies, a rice krispie treat, and three mini Snickers.  I am really irritated with myself, and I know dinner (which will also be eaten on the road) isn’t likely to be much better….


3 Responses

  1. You can do it! And don’t fret the bad food choices, they are already in the past. WE all have days like that. Keep up the good and walk away from bad.
    Happy running,

  2. Week two is honestly not that bad. It’s the 90 second runs right? just keep telling yourself, I did 60, and did it damn well, so what’s 30 more seconds? i slowed down a tad when I needed to and just kept telling myself that and did okay. It’s a little tougher, but not bad.

    Week 3 with the 3 minute run was challening…but again, I just told myself it’s only “two” 3 minute runs and…you get a 3 min walk break to catch your breath. Like my friend Jess says–it really is mind over matter.

    Now this week is week 4 and five minute runs and I’m scared to death…lol

  3. You know what baby…it’s one day…so chalk it up to “Oh the hell well” and keep moving forward! I’m so proud of you, I could pop!!!! I love you….call me Sunday!

    Many smooches and hugs, MAMA

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