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C25K Week 2: It Gets Easier?

I finished week 2, day 1 of Couch to 5K.  I spent the whole day freaked out by it, mentally psyching myself out for how HARD it was going to be.  I still wanted to get out there though, which I think is progress all on its own.  Aaron came with me again, and Evi in her stroller.  The warmup walk felt good, and I actually felt ready for the first run segment.

That first run?  Was the longest ninety seconds of my life.  It felt SO long.  I felt like I barely got myself back under control during the ninety second walk, and then it was time to run again.  By the end of the second run, I could barely breathe and I was sure I wouldn’t be able to finish.  Thankfully, Aaron kept reminding me just to breathe as deeply as I could.

Does anyone else have a breathing issue while running?  It suddenly becomes extremely difficult for me to breathe deeply.  I breathe halfway in, or maybe a little more, and then it feels like I just can’t fit any more air in.  I kept trying though, really concentrating on my breathing, and the third run went much better.  I was able to keep my breathing more or less under control, which made the run feel ten times easier than the first two.  When I finished that segment, I felt awesome.  I was at the half way point!  Just three more runs to go!

I really had to push myself to keep up a “brisk” walking pace during the rest/walk segments.  Am I the only one who sort of wants to punch the podcast guy?  I mean, God bless him for putting these podcasts together, and I even think the music is pretty good, but sometimes I want to KILL him.  Like in week 1, right after the fifth or sixth run (you know, when you’re sure you’ll be found dead on the side of the road?) and he says something like “you should be feeling the effects of your running now, but should not be tired or out of breath.”  WTF?  Who isn’t out of breath?  Who goes from couch potato to C25K and isn’t out of breath?  I want to meet these people AND KICK THEM.

He’s better in week 2, but there is still an assumption that “you should be able to talk while running.”  Sure, I can talk.  As long as panicked, desperate wheezing counts as talking.

The last two runs were actually pretty good.  There were a few seconds at the end of the fifth run where I was almost done in, but the run segment ended just as I was sure I would have to stop.  The sixth run, which my darling husband managed to position on a mostly downhill slope (love you honey!) was actually…. easy?  When I finished that final run and started in on the cool down walk, I was all emotional again.  I am really doing this.  And, I don’t think I will need to repeat this week!

I really didn’t think I could do it, and I not only did it but totally rocked it!  Which leads me to wonder… what else can I do if I am determined enough?  Is it weird/stupid/ridiculous that I am suddenly inspired… by myself?  Maybe Mizfit is right, maybe we ARE our own superheroes.

Well then, here’s to Super Sushi!  I need a cape…

So what worked for me this time?  Remembering to take a few sips of water at every walk segment helped a lot, though the cooler weather and slight breeze also made a huge difference for me.  What helped the most, though, was having my husband there.  He kept telling me I could do it when I really thought I couldn’t, and him believing in me gave me the strength to push just a little harder and get through the run.  So find someone to get out there with you if you feel like you need the support.  And if you ever find yourself in Southern Maryland, give me a call and I will happily get out there and run with you.  As long as you’re slow, like me.  🙂


9 Responses

  1. I did my first 2nd week run on Sunday. I also found the first 90 seconds to suck!!! I was like wow, there is a difference in thirty more seconds? lol But I also found that it got easier as the runs continued. I just concentrate on my breathing and trying to lengthen my stride out some. I mean I’m 6’0 tall for crying out loud!! I shouldn’t have to exert so much effort with these long legs. I did have to bring my speed back some on these runs, but hopefully I can keep increasing it slowly with each run. I have my next run tonight…we’ll see how it goes. Congrats on moving on and finishing it! If I can do it, I know you can. I am a horrible runner, but I’m working on it. 🙂

  2. YAY!!! I knew you were going to push through and keep going!! Just think – in a few weeks you’ll be running for 30 MINUTES, and you’ll look back on these posts and think, “how far I’ve come!”

  3. i just found your blog. i started week 1 yesterday, and that same comment the robert guy made, when i felt like you did on your W1D1 run, like death, and then the guy goes you should not be tired or out of breath! I was dying! Made it though, just about.

    Your really encouraging! I am gonna try W1D2 today and see how it goes! Hopefully easier than W1D1!

  4. “Who isn’t out of breath? Who goes from couch potato to C25K and isn’t out of breath? I want to meet these people AND KICK THEM.”

    LOL!! Exactly. I can’t IMAGINE being able to talk during this program. Unless I was doing sign language (which would be a big middle finger to anyone trying to talk to me while I was jogging, lol!)

    Great job on your first day of week 2. I love reading about your progress. And as far as your question about breathing, YES…it sucks. I’m on week 4 and I think it’s a little better, but I still feel like my lungs might explode at any moment.

  5. OK, congrats on doing that program, that is awesome!

    All I can say is the breathing WILL get better with time. I’ve run 2 marathons, and the first time I started with no base of any sort. We started out just doing 30 minutes, and yeah, I thought I was going to die because I was huffing and puffing so hard! But as I progresses, found a running pace which was MY pace, no one elses, then it became easier and easier to run and actually talk with someone on the way!

    It is frustrating because your body wants to stop, but you can do it, I think its just a new thing your body is adjusting to, but it will adjust.

    I wish you all the best in your training!

    p.s. I found you from my brother Charlie @ back to the fridge!

  6. Don’t kill me or kick me. K?

    Slooooooow Dooooooown. Seriously. You should be certain people are going to either mow you down or mock you as they glide by like gazelles.

    -running away-too fast to breathe-

    Thanks for your encouragement. It meant a LOT to me in a tough time.

  7. You did it – WTG!!
    I was supposed to do my run tonight but my calves are so sore I gave myself another day off – although I did walk for 45 min yesterday and 35 mins today 🙂
    Hopefully I can run tomorrow – I don’t know if I will ever be ‘a runner’ 🙂

    Keep u the great work.

  8. Ha! I am on week 2 day 3 of C25K and, I too, “magically” forget how to breathe while I am running.

    Honestly, I am a mess with C25K. I curse a lot (at myself) while “running” and am so out of breath after just 90 seconds. (I always get mad at running on the street who look so calm and collected.)

    The good thing is that WE ARE DOING IT! We are not just sitting on our butt’s – we are out there exercising and hopefully will reach our goals of running a 5K.

    We rock!



  9. It does get easier!! I did W1D3 today. after feeling like death during W1D2 i really focused on my breathing. Tried to take big old deep breaths, right from the bottom of my chest, and tried to get it in some sort of rhythm with my step. Didn’t quite work out like that, but most of the time i did at least get some form of air inside me, and it felt a million times easier than W1D2! Ok it was still hard, but i was certainly not thinking “ok this run is going to seriously kill me”.

    I added the site of my c25k blog up there too

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