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Thank you

I got twenty comments on yesterday’s post.  TWENTY supportive, loving comments telling me that I could do this, I could make it work.  I wanted to send a personal thank you to everyone who commented/tweeted/emailed/called to help me out.  This kind of support is why I love blogging so much.  As I posted on Twitter, I love blogging because sometimes you guys save me from myself.

Jenn – you’re probably right about being bored with my food.  I tend to get into food ruts really easily and make/eat the same things over and over again.  I don’t even want to talk about how many days in a row I’ve had Cheerios for breakfast.  🙂  Trying to find new flavors that are still quick and easy are a challenge lately.  You are so right though, I AM worth it.  Thanks, and thanks too for inspiring me to try to eat a little more mindfully.

JBS – You’re right, this IS different.  This time I caught the slip right away instead of waking up from a donut binge to think “hey, I think I’ve let this go.”  And the support from blog readers has, obviously, been tremendous.  I know you’re having your very own mourning process over a bad food choice today, so hang in there.  We’ll get through this week together.

Miz – the most powerful thing you gave me was a choice.  No matter what I did, what I ate, or how I am feeling, every day I CHOOSE to go one way or the other.  This is not something beyond my control, this is a choice.  Thank you for giving me back control.

Donna – writing it out helps a lot.  Blogging is, time and again, my therapy.

Wondy – I love you too.

N – thanks for the tips and, more awesomely, for the Dory.  I can’t wait to walk a 5K with you in May.

Carolyne – you are so one of my WW role models, so it means the world for me when you come by to help me out.  I had a much better day.

Craig – hi, running buddy!  You’re so right, I have totally been using my upped exercise as an excuse to make not-so-awesome food choices.  Thanks for helping me see that.  Let’s both try to clean that up, otherwise we’ll never be the 5K superstars we’ve been killing ourselves to become, right?  I think you have an off day today, so send some energy my way for W2D3.

Helen – I think I can, I think I can…  🙂  I KNOW I can.

Jenny – I was so surprised and touched by your comment.  I can’t believe I am inspiring anyone.  You look amazing already, but I’m glad you’re going back to WW.  We should all be as healthy as we can be, right?  I love, LOVE your idea that we sabotage because we’re almost there.  I love thinking that I’ve almost conquered these bad habits and that this is my body/mind’s last ditch effort to derail me.  That is going to keep me going.

Workout Mommy – I made it a whole day yesterday without Coke Zero, and I didn’t binge or do anything stupid with food.  Thanks for the encouragement.  We’ll break the soda habit together.

Marisa – you know sometimes I forget to give myself credit for the good choices.  It is so easy to focus on what I did wrong, or what I could have done better.  Instead of being proud that I exercised, I will think about how I could have done more or worked harder.  So thanks, you’re right.  I deserve to be proud.  I’ve made big changes.

Jill – I do think the honeymoon is over here.  I think I was still riding the high of weight loss and success and feeling like it was all a little easy, and now the loss has slowed down and I am really having to fight to maintain…

Mrs. Fatass – HI!!  I promise to keep writing about all of this.  Without my blog, I’d never have been successful in the first place.

Jess – if Jillian didn’t kill you, I might just have to try it.

There were so many other great, supportive comments too.  I love you guys for coming to my rescue when I really felt panicked.  I owe the biggest thank you to Fitarella, who called me and let me vent to her for twenty minutes about all the stress in my life right now, and then reminded me that none of it is as big a deal as it all seems.  She told me to cross the bad eating off my list… and since I love me some list making, I loved the mental image of letting it go by crossing it off of my worry list.  So thank you, SO much, and I promise to get my what-if post done today… though you won’t be too surprised when you read it.

I love each and every one of you for helping me pull through yesterday.  I ended up having a good, healthy day.  I walked for over a mile with my daughter in the morning, and I did some cardioke in the afternoon.  Cardioke?  It’s as silly as it sounds.


6 Responses

  1. Glad to see all the bloggy love pulled you through. You know we did it ’cause you do it for us, right?

  2. Energy sent 🙂
    Good look with your next workout/run 🙂

  3. My comment was so lame. What I should have said, as others did, is that you inspire me to keep going, and I stop by here every day. That’s massive!

  4. I’m so glad you have a great group supporting you. It makes all the difference in the world. We will definitely get through this. Together.

    Thanks. 😀

  5. Lovin’ you right back! And cardioke sounds like a blast!

  6. […]  Really listen.  Take it in, hear what your support system is telling you, and let it sink […]

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