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Almost Onederland

I had a big day yesterday.

First, I stepped onto the scale again… but I want to save that bit for the end.  I packed up the diaper bag, and the family headed to Baltimore to see my friend Amanda and her boyfriend.  We had a great day together.  We stopped by Amanda’s little brother’s tenth birthday party, we wandered through a beautiful neighborhood park full of all kinds and colors of tulips, and we had dinner at a great (but totally unhealthy) Chinese buffet.  We got the chance to talk and walk a lot, and it was a lot of fun.

On the less sugar front… things haven’t been going so well.  It is SO difficult to make a transition away from high sugar foods.  I’ve been eating chocolate cheerios for breakfast, and I bought multigrain cheerios instead as a way to reduce my sugar.  Yes, they do cut it down some, but not nearly as much as I was expecting.  I think next time we buy cereal I am really going to have to compare labels to figure out what has the least sugar.  I also need to start buying the unsweetened almond milk, but they don’t sell the unsweetened kind at the wholesale club… so it means buying the much more expensive cartons at the regular grocery store.  I may look into ordering from Amazon grocery.  Has anyone used that before?  I’m curious if it’s worth the savings, because their prices on things like almond milk seem pretty fantastic, but you end up having to buy pretty large amounts to get your money’s worth.

So about that scale…

When I weighed myself, I was 200.8.  I’m so close to Onederland that I can taste it.  If my usual pattern holds true, I will lose nothing next week, less than half a pound the following week, and then finally drop another 3-4 pounds three weeks from now.  But I don’t want to wait that long!  I don’t want it to be another three weeks before I see a 1 at the beginning of my scale read out.  So this week I am going to try to change things up a little bit.  I am going to eat even more fruits and veggies, load up on dried cherries, spinach salads, and lots of whole grains, and I am not going to “eat” my exercise.  On Weight Watchers, you earn activity points for exercise and I have been adding them back in to my daily total points, which allows me to eat an extra snack here and there.  This week I am going to try not eating them and see if the change helps me get to Onederland a little bit faster.

The last time I weighed less than 200 pounds was right before I got pregnant with my daughter.  I weighed in at 198 three days before I found out I was pregnant.  Before that…  before that it was at my wedding in 2004, when I weighed about 175.  I can’t wait to see those numbers again.

I’ve also decided I will repeat week 2 of the Couch to 5K training.  I don’t know if I could do week 3 right now or not, but I feel like repeating week 2 is going to make me stronger and faster and better able to do this.  For me, this is not about finishing the program in a certain amount of time or killing myself to make this work.  This is about eventually being strong enough and fit enough to run a full 5K, and if I have to repeat every single week to feel good about it, then all that will do is make me stronger and fitter, and it will help my confidence once that real 5K comes around.

Of course I don’t always feel so positive about it.  Sometimes I get really frustrated with myself for not keeping up with “everybody else.”  Who is it that I am so worried about keeping up with anyway?  I have no idea.  In the end, when I am crossing the finish line of my very first 5k run, no one is going to know or care how long it took me to get there.  So I am just going to keep pushing, keep working, keep sweating and trying and running, and one day I’ll be running a 5K.  I’ll probably cry as I cross the finish line.  Apparently, I’m a crier.

In the meantime, I’ll still be here posting reports of my struggles and triumphs with C25K training…


5 Responses

  1. You’re doing awesome. Onederland is so close. You’ll be just fine. If you don’t make it there this next week, you will soon. You’re determined and wonderful.

    You could try plain oatmeal with craisins and pecans. (craisins have a tiny bit of sugar) Or shredded wheat. Even frosted mini wheats have one of the lower sugar counts.

    Good luck, and we’re here for you!

  2. You will get there. And the fun thing is, you never know when…as good as you’re doing it could happen anytime!

    i’m so proud of you and your attitude with the C25K program. I think it’s great that you’re willing to redo a week. I’m doing that myself this week because I don’t feel like I’m ready to advance. We will get there, tho…if we believe. Wait, was that from a movie?

  3. I have started using Almond milk, I buy it at the grocery store and it’s mostly on sale 2/$5 and there are usually coupons att he store or in the paper. I also use so little that I haven’t looked at the warehouse stores.

    You are doing great scale and C25K wise – keep it up!

  4. loved our exchange yesterday and that we can support each other in that realm too.

    Im a plain oats with (waitforit) LAUGHING COW cheese smooooshed into it and allowed to melt.
    it’s oatyfabulous.

    xo xo

  5. I was going to say shredded wheat like JBS said. Cheerios aren’t very filling – not much fiber to them. If you can switch to oats, you can add a bit of maple syrup and they’ll be sweet, but you can control the sugar, kwim?
    Congrats on being so close! Sounds like you’ve got a plan – hope you see that “1” in front of your number on the scale soon!

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