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Fat Actress: Do starlets ever feel jealous?

I slept horribly last night, mostly thanks to a terrible dream that woke me up and left me so shaken that for ten minutes or so I couldn’t stop crying.  Since the dream involved Evi, I was then super attuned to every noise she made throughout the rest of a relatively restless night for her, so I feel completely beaten this morning.  At least I’ve checked the weather and it looks like the rain is gone.  Hopefully a morning walk with help to clear my head.

I can’t help feeling a little bit guilty for skipping running yesterday, but I felt so tired and so worn out that I don’t think it would have been a good experience if I’d tried to run.  Instead I did about forty minutes of sunset yoga, which really helped to stretch me out and relax some tension.  Today I feel a little bit better and more prepared to face another run.

Since I’m tired this morning, I find my brain wandering off in odd directions.  I’m sitting here, and I can’t help but wonder something.  In our society, beauty is often equated with thinness.  I think this is especially true in the entertainment industry.  Although I think a lot of famous men and women were blessed with the kind of metabolism that keeps them thinner than most, I also think that they all have to do some work to maintain there bodies and, for some, it’s probably a lot of work.  In particular, as I am considering watching reruns of Ghost Whisperer (don’t judge!), I am wondering about Jennifer Love Hewitt.  There has been a lot of talk in the press about her weight and, although I think she looked great at every point, I feel reasonably confident in saying that she is one of the people for whom maintaining a Hollywood style body is a bit more work.  I doubt she eats a ton of junk, and I imagine she works out on a pretty regular basis.

Jennifer Love Hewitt & Camryn Manheim on the set of Ghost Whisperer.  Picture from TV Guide.

Jennifer Love Hewitt & Camryn Manheim on the set of Ghost Whisperer. Picture from TV Guide.

So does Camryn Manheim, with whom she shares a screen, ever make her angry/jealous?  She is a larger woman and, although I happen to find her equally beautiful, I imagine she has a little bit more freedom when it comes to her calorie intake and output.  Like most people, she probably still has to do at least some work to maintain the figure that she’s come to be known for, but as a larger woman she can take in quite a few more calories in a day and still be maintaining that body well.  I know nothing about Camryn, and I bet she eats a pretty healthy diet, especially since she’s got gorgeous skin and hair.  But I also bet that, like most people, she sometimes splurges on something high calorie.

Dunkin Donuts Create Your Own donut - cappuccino creme filled donut with chocolate icing and roasted almonds.

Dunkin Donuts Create Your Own donut - cappuccino creme filled donut with chocolate icing and roasted almonds.

So I can’t help but wonder… on the occasional day when Ms. Manheim is on set enjoying a donut or scone, does J. Love ever feel cranky about it?  I know that everyone has room to indulge now and then, so Ms. Hewitt likely has her own donut here and there, but thanks to the pretty unforgiving standards of Hollywood, she’s got a lot less wiggle room than most women.  So does it bug her sometimes?  Does she ever want to just throw her hands up, hijack Camryn’s donut, and run away with it to eat it somewhere quiet and alone?

I just can’t imagine being in Hollywood at all, I guess.  I can’t imagine my job being dependent on the way I look as much as, or more than, my skill set.  I can’t fathom having to study every calorie I put in and every one I burn off to be sure I am maintaining a particular body type.  What does it even take to maintain such tiny bodies?  And do actresses like Glee’s Amber Riley have a particular routine established to maintain their curves?  Do they work just as hard as their thinner counterparts to not only stay active and healthy, but to maintain their current body weight and/or shape?

Mia Tyler - image from Wikimedia Commons.

Mia Tyler - image from Wikimedia Commons.

What about plus sized models, like the amazing and gorgeous Mia Tyler?  Frankly, plus sized models mystify me.  How do they all have flat stomachs and perfectly shaped thighs and toned arms while still maintaining a larger frame?  Is that just the natural state for their particular bodies, or are they working their butts/arms/tummies off trying to maintain that look?

Bodies are weird, aren’t they?  What they do, how they react to what we do… it’s all sort of miraculous.  And clearly, I need more sleep.


2 Responses

  1. I hate it when the celebrities pretend that they can eat whatever they want and not gain weight. You know most of them are starving themselves. I don’t like it when they say the pounds just ‘melt off” in 2 weeks or whatever. I hate it how the media portrays unrealistic images of women so that we can all feel bad about ourselves. Now, they all seem to have the body type of a 12-year old boy. How is that desirable?

    OK, rant over. Love your blog. How do you become a follower?

  2. This reminds me how much I love Kathy Griffin’s response when interviewers ask how she maintains her girlish figure: “I’m F*&^ing hungry all the time!”

    If I read one more magazine where an actress claims it is “chasing after her active toddler” that keeps her fit, my head will implode. I can attest that that is not, not, not an activity plan that will give you sexy glutes.

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