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What if…

What if?

Inspired by Fitarella’s challenge, I’m putting it out there.  What if…  we did something about our “what ifs” instead of just wondering/dreaming/talking about them?

What if we chose one dream and acted on it?  What’s the worst that could happen?  We fail?  So what?

So here I go.

What if I spent two months dedicating all of my time and energy to making my blog, freelance career, and fiction writing endeavors into something more?  What if I spent one month really focusing on the blog and freelancing to build it up as much as I could, and then shifted the focus in the second month to really, fervently shopping my manuscript to agents?  What if?

So I will.  I’ve already started the blog/freelance part of things, and I’m hoping to drive enough traffic to VinoList (wine!) to snag a full time marketing position with them.  I’ve submitted proposals to every local magazine/newspaper who would take them, and I’ve sent emails out to friends who are successful freelancers asking for help and tips.  I’ve sent queries to big blogs that sometimes take guest posts in the hopes of getting more exposure as a blogger and finding a bigger audience.

Right now my manuscript is with an editor, who is a friend of a friend and doing me a favor by looking at it.  She’s been swamped, so if she doesn’t get it back to me soon I may have to hope for the best and just start shopping it to agents without the benefit of professional editing.

I have until June 12th to make something happen.  After that, I’ll need to shift my focus again in order to maintain our financial safety.  So I’m giving it my all.  Stop by Fitarella’s What If Update page to see who else is in on the challenge.  I’ll be starting What If Wednesdays to talk about how I’m doing.


4 Responses

  1. WOOOOOHOOOO!!! That is so frickin awesome, I am so excited for you! Go for it woman, we have nothing to lose only to gain!! xoxoox hugs!

  2. Hey Sushi – what if I gave you an award? Go to my blog and see your prize!! 🙂

  3. Great Job Sushi! You’re doing awesome.

  4. […] about that What-if…..  If you remember, my what if question was all about taking some risks professionally.  I’ve given myself until June 12 to make […]

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