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Healthy Kids Birthday Party

I have so much in my head right now.  I’m in a strange place emotionally, still sort of high from my awesome weigh in.  I’m proud of the choices I made over the weekend too, especially the avoidance of (free) donuts, and the choice to have and enjoy cheese fries during our anniversary dinner, but to then pair that with grilled salmon and butter-free veggies for my dinner and choose to skip dessert.  THAT, my friends, is progress.  I used to be the girl for whom a night of celebratory indulgence meant getting the full order of cheese fries and eating half, choosing the steak and a side of more cheese fries, getting the salad with real ranch dressing, and enjoying several cocktails before moving on to dessert.  This time I had ONE cocktail (fyi – the strawberry passion margarita at Outback tastes like Hawaiian Punch, and not in a good way), we split a half order of the cheese fries (insider’s tip: always ask for them to be layered… they put the cheese in the middle too instead of piling it all on top), and I skipped dessert entirely.

So I feel good.  Yesterday was a great food day too.  We had banana truffles for breakfast, used the leftover salmon to top spinach and goat cheese salads for lunch, and then finished the day with some great oven roasted chicken and some less-than-stellar mashed potatoes.  I think I need a new recipe for homemade mashed potatoes…  We also, of course, got out there and did the first day of C25K week 3.  It turned out to be much less terrifying than I’d built it up to be in my head, and I felt great after I finished the run.

Now I’m working on the planning and purchasing of supplies for my daughter’s birthday.  I cannot believe she will be a year old in six days!  We’re doing her birthday the following weekend, and I am THRILLED that my parents will be coming up for it.  I miss them.  Since she’s a year old and doesn’t care, we’re skipping presents in favor of opening a 529 college savings fund for her.  We got her a sparkly card, and since she is obsessed with paper, she’ll like that better than a gift anyway.  It will also be her first ever trip to the zoo.  Billions of pics to follow…

On the healthy front, I am making the cupcakes for her party.  I’m not going to go totally from scratch, but I will be searching out reduced sugar cake mix, reduced sugar icing, and will likely be subbing applesauce for the oil in the cake.  My mom and I will be making animal cupcakes.  I’ll post pics if they turn out well.  Since we’ll be spending the day at the zoo, we should also be getting in LOTS of walking.  I’m looking forward to it being a great day with friends and family, and full of physical activity to burn of the cupcake (or two) that I intend to enjoy.  I can’t wait to see my daughter dig in to her very own cupcake.

I’m also starting to consider a 5K.  I will definitely be doing one once the C25K training is complete, but I’m starting to check out what is available.  I figure I will probably have to repeat another week here and there, so if I assume I’ll have to repeat every week I should still be ready to run a 5K by the end of August.  Except there is NO WAY I am going to attempt to run my first race in the heat and humidity of August, so I’ve got my eye on some mid-to-late September races to see what I can do once the weather backs off a little bit.

How do you choose your races?  I tend to look at location first, then the cause involved.  There are some big causes that are close to my heart…  I have a close friend with lupus, I have lots of family history with various cancers, and pretty much anything benefiting childrens’ healthcare like the March of Dimes or the local Children’s Hospital are high on my list.  The 5K I am doing this coming weekend (walking) will benefit Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, which supplies free professional photography to parents whose babies will either be stillborn or who will pass away shortly after birth.  It’s a great service, and something I wish I’d known about when we lost Aodin.  I’m hoping to find a September race that will support a cause I care about, and I just registered for a local March for Babies event next weekend!  If you can help me out with a donation, big or small, please check out the button on my right sidebar!


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