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What If Wednesday: Make Writing Work

Welcome to another What-if Wednesday.  This week has been an interesting one for me.  I reached Onederland, and I’ve also discovered some interesting things about my eating as well.  Instead of planning every meal and point value in advance, I’ve been planning meals a little more immediately… which is just more realistic for my life right now.  I also find that I spend less money on groceries when I don’t plan meals.  As long as i keep the house stocked with certain things, making a meal is easy.  Here’s what I like to keep on hand:

  • low sodium tomato sauce
  • beans – usually black beans
  • canned or frozen whole kernel corn
  • whole wheat bread & multigrain sandwich thins
  • baby spinach
  • dried berries – I get a blueberry/cranberry/cherry mix from our wholesale club
  • Joseph’s lavash
  • frozen chicken breast and/or frozen, precooked shrimp
  • whole grain pasta (I prefer the taste of semolina pasta but can’t find it…)

With all of this on hand, plus my spice collection and whatever various things I pick up at the store each week, I tend to do pretty well.  Sometimes it means being a little creative, but I’ve come up with some great food.  My crowning achievement so far has been my chicken enchiladas, which everyone loves.  If you try them, let me know what you think!  I like to think that this new eating style means I’m already shifting to a more intuitive eating style and, for now at least, it’s working for me!

What if?Now about that What-if…..  If you remember, my what if question was all about taking some risks professionally.  I’ve given myself until June 12 to make some progress with my writing.  I know it could take a whole lot longer than that, and I certainly won’t be giving up my writing at that point regardless of the results of this trial period.  Unfortunately, I can only focus solely on writing for that long.  I am dedicated all of my time and energy to writing now that my graduate semester is over (and I have the summer off from classes) and then I will have to turn my focus to something else in order to keep us afloat financially.

So here’s what I’ve done this week:

  • I’ve been in contact with the wine website I write for, and we’ve done a lot of talking about ways to increase traffic.  I’ve taken over the Twitter and Facebook pages, and as of yesterday I’ve also started a blog for the site.
  • I sent my manuscript (hey, I wrote a book… or two…) to an editor who is a friend of a friend and is doing me a favor by editing my book.  I sent it to her at the end of last year, and now I haven’t heard from her since January… so I am not really sure what to do.  As I said, she’s doing this as a favor to me, so I can’t really be mad.  I guess I could start sending proposals to potential agents without the benefit of a professional edit but, obviously, editing would be nice since no matter how careful I am, I’m not likely to catch all of my own mistakes.  I have emailed her once a month since January with no answer, so yesterday I left her a voicemail.  If I don’t hear anything by Monday, I am going to contact the friend who referred me to her to see if she has any advice.  In the end, I will likely decide to start shopping my manuscript to agents without the editing…
  • I’ve sent an article and video to a local magazine’s website.
  • I’ve sent out pitches to several local newspapers, and I’ve heard back from one.  They said they don’t usually cover my area and referred me on to the people who do, so I sent the pitch to the new contact.
  • I’ve been talking to some close friends about the possibility of starting up a collaborative website with four or five of us and basically talking about a little of everything… more on that as it develops.
  • I’ve also been making quick notes about ideas for some memoir type books I’ve been considering writing.  I’ve had the ideas in my head for a while, so when I find the time I’ve been trying to begin and add to outlines for the two potential books.  We’ll see where that goes too, I guess.
  • I wrote two guest posts this week.  The first one, Running for Dummies, went up yesterday at Watch My Butt Shrinking!  Thanks, Jenn!  I’ll post the second one when it goes live.

So that’s what I’ve managed this week!  What was your What If question?  Did you make progress this week?  Tell me all about it!


8 Responses

  1. I gotta ask–what are your books about? I love to write, and read!! What genre stuff do you write? 🙂

    I wish you luck on everything, esp that!!

  2. YAY!! you are getting so much done, I LOVE it!! Keep riding the wave my dear, you are rocking this!! I’ll post my update later. The flu still got me down 😦

  3. Well done gorgeous, so proud of you!

  4. Ps. Interested in reading anything at all that you read.

  5. *write. Anything that you write.

  6. […] What If Wednesday this week, so please excuse my late post!  If you missed my first post (or my second one), my answer to Fitarella’s What If challenge was all about making writing work for me.  […]

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