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March for Babies Recap

Today has been an amazing, inspirational day.  My daughter slept beautifully, so I woke up rested and refreshed.  I woke up fifteen minutes before my 7am alarm was scheduled, and I hopped on the scale for my weekly weigh in.

Starting weight: 225
Last week: 199.6 (down 25.4 lbs)
This week: 197.6 (down 2 lbs, 27.4 lbs total)

Not half bad, right?  I am THRILLED to see another loss.  I celebrated quietly since everyone else was still asleep, and then I strapped on my walking shoes and got into the car to make my way to March for Babies.  I was so proud and pleased this morning to log on and see that two more donations (thank you SO MUCH Caryn and Jenn H.) brought my total up to $250!!!  If my mom’s company still matches the donation, that means $500 to the March of Dimes.  $500 that could help to save the life of someone’s precious child.  I could not be more proud.

I got a little lost on my way to the race, but eventually found my way with plenty of time to spare.  I got some coffee.  I stared at the donuts for a few minutes before settling on a yellow apple and a banana for breakfast and packing two water bottles into my purse.  I took some pictures while I was waiting for things to start, and explore the tables that were set up.  I grabbed some cool things, including an LED keychain, some Mr. Yuck stickers, and a cool purple pen.  I love event swag!

March for Babies banner

Me with my breakfast banana.

Me with my breakfast banana.


Event swag... keychains, stress balls, lots of pamphlets about local children's healthcare...

The race started right on time, and I was right in the middle of a huge crowd of walkers and strollers.  There were so many people with beautiful tee shirts on… beautiful tributes to babies who’d been born to soon, some who made it to become healthy, happy children, and far too many who didn’t make it.

For baby AlexIt was a sad but powerful reminder of why we were all there, and it made it easy to feel good and get moving.  I tried to pick up my pace a little bit and wound my way to the front of the crowd.  There were a few super fast walkers ahead of me, and one surprising group of guys who looked for all the world like hard partying frat guys, but who ended up running the entire course!  That ought to teach me to judge people…

Since it was technically a walk, I wasn’t expecting it to be too tough physically.  The course was full of hills though, some of them pretty steep, and I was surprised at how warm it was out.  I wore all black, which was a huge mistake.  I got really hot really fast.  I drank a ton of water, but I was still sweating really hard.  A couple of the hills were tough for me too, but I was having fun.

Me after 1 mile.

Me after 1 mile.

Along the route there were signs posted with the stories of babies who’d been born early, and also signs that talked about the milestones at each month of pregnancy.  When I passed the five months marker, I got pretty choked up.  For those who don’t know the story, our son was stillborn at five months… so this one hit me hard.  It’s funny how grief sneaks up on you sometimes, two years later when you think you’ve got things under control, and then you pass a sign or hear a song or see a picture, and suddenly you’re walking and crying…

Memorial tattoo.

My memorial tattoo...

Walking and crying...

Walking and crying...

It was great to cross the finish line.  I was totally worn out too, since I spent the last half mile going up a super steep hill and pulling two kids in a wagon behind me.  I passed them going up the hill, and their older brother was really struggling with pulling them, so I took over for him.  The kid looked so relieved to be able to let go, and he moved to the back of the wagon where he poured water on the little kids heads to keep them cool.  Did I mention it was HOT?  Still, it was more than worth the extra work to help the kids out, and hey… it burned more calories for me!

I crossed the finish line, where I made a poor unsuspecting race volunteer take a picture with me.

Posing with a race volunteer!

Posing with a race volunteer!

Finish line

Finish line

I grabbed a veggie sub (and a ham sub for the husband) and jumped right in the car to head home.  I think I might have missed some fun post-race festivities, but I was anxious to get home to the family.  I’m excited for next year, when Evi should be old enough to come along and we can all do the walk together.  Next year we might try registering for a walk in another area so that we can do one a little earlier in the year.  I would have worried about Evi being out in the sun for so long today.

So I did it.  One event down.  Tomorrow is another event, a 5K to support Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.  I love active weekends!


6 Responses

  1. What a great post…very powerful. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself and got to experience this moment…you did so good! I’m proud of you! 🙂

  2. Way to go YOU! I’m so proud of you! The March of dines is a beautiful, wonderful organization. I missed it this year, but want to get a team together for next year.
    Have a GREAT weekend!

  3. Sometimes it’s so therapeutic to just deal with things and let the emotions go. I know what you mean…and I’m sorry for your loss.

    Congrats on your fundraising, and for finishing your first event. Good JOB!

  4. First, CONGRATS on your weight loss–that is awesome!

    second, you look so cute in the pictures! Great job on being active for such a great cause.

    and finally, I’m so sorry about your son. I totally understand how memories can all l hit you all of sudden without warning.

  5. So proud of you, H! For your weight loss, your healthy breakfast choice, your endurance and your bravery on that walk. You are a great mom 🙂

  6. […] weekend was chock full of activity for me!  I did the March for Babies on Saturday (thanks again for all of your support!) and then on Sunday I did the Little Angels 5K. […]

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