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Recovering: How to Drive the Wagon

I’m back.  I had a good night’s sleep and woke up to a cool spring morning, and I am feeling much better and ready to just make this work.  Thank you all SO much for the comments and support and understanding.  You’re all right, of course.  This isn’t the end of the world, and I’m not sure it matters why it happened.  The fact is, it did happen.  It’s likely to happen again at some point.  Dwelling on it just increases the likelihood of it happening again soon.  So I’m letting it go, restarting the week as though yesterday was just another day.

When my daughter gets up, we’ll have some breakfast…  I’m thinking oatmeal and the last of our bananas.  We’ll get the stroller ready to go, I’ll tie on my walking shoes, and we’ll go for our morning walk.  I am hoping that just getting back to our normal routine will help me refocus my efforts on all of the right things.  Then tonight when my husband gets home from work, we’re going back out for more Couch to 5K training.  I’ll be repeating week 3 this time.  I was considering moving straight to week 4, but after several days off and so much heavy food, I just don’t feel prepared to push harder this week.  Besides, the humidity that has been building up is really slowing me down out there, so I may just plan to repeat every week no matter what.

Speaking of the humidity… any tips for easing the strain it puts on my workouts?  It is SO tough to get out there when it’s 80% humidity.  It’s harder to breathe, which is already a problem for me, and I just feel so heavy!  I’ll be digging around online today looking for ways to battle the humidity.  Part of the reason I do my morning walks with my daughter is because we can usually beat the worst of the heat and humidity if we’re out the door before 9:30am… but in the evenings we usually go out between six and seven, and there’s no real choice there because we have to go after my husband comes home and before it gets dark!

Whatever happens, I’ll be out there again tonight running…. and struggling, cursing, crying, or nearly hyperventilating… because I’m back on the wagon.  Better than that, I’m DRIVING the wagon!  I AM doing this for more than weight loss of C25K.  I can’t forget my sweet daughter’s motivating influence, and I won’t let one day of stupid choices make a difference in a hugely successful couple of months.  I’ve been so proud of myself since January, and yesterday won’t undo any of that.  In fact, if I can get things back in order today, that will just be one more reason to be proud of myself.  After all, as you all have been quick to point out, it’s not about never messing up.  It’s not about always having things under control or never making bad choices.  It’s about how well you can move past them, how quickly you can let go of the bad days and just get back to what you know is right.


3 Responses

  1. I live in sticky, icky DC and the big way to deal with humidity is to just keep drinking water. Also, watch what you’re wearing. there’s a 1000% difference between a technical t-shirt and a cotton one when you get sweaty. same with cotton vs. synthetic socks, breathable hat, and shorts. eventually you do get a little more used to it, although it’s never a lot of fun to start sweating before you’ve even done any working out 🙂

  2. Maybe you need to build in a treat or 2 to your day or week? No treats for me leads to exactly what you described for your yesterday.

    80% humidity eeww but I’ll trade you my foot of snow for some humidity. We are a semi desert.

  3. You go mama! You can do it!
    The only experience I have had is either getting out in the mornings, or wearing really breathable clothes. Cotton can wear you down!! You might want to invest in some moisture wicking shirts.
    I saw these on line that look neat

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