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Skinny Sushi: the Healthy Ninja.

Making sure I get my workouts in is becoming more and more important.  First of all, I’m seeing real results that make me feel good about myself and excited to keep this journey going.  Secondly, I really want to sign up for a 5K in September, and if I let my C25K runs fall behind I might not make it since it looks like I’ll end up repeating every week.  So this weekend I will be juggling out of town guests (my mom & dad, YAY!!!) and a first birthday party, but no matter what happens I WILL be running tonight, and out there again on Sunday.

It would be easy to let this weekend throw me off schedule, and plenty of people would say it’s alright, understandable, even justified.  Those people might even be right, but why let it happen?  Why skip a work out when I can get one in with just a little bit of extra effort and schedule shifting.  My parents won’t even get here until dinner time, so if my husband comes home early and helps me clean up a bit, we can likely get the run in before they even arrive, and then dinner is easy chicken enchiladas that will take very little time and even less effort.

I’m also (weirdly, as I am not a baker) looking forward to the creation of a whole herd of animal cupcakes.  We’re making three dozen cupcakes for the party… zebras, lions, tigers, and monkeys (oh my!)… that will all be created with reduced sugar cake mix and icing (thanks Pillsbury!), reduced fat Nilla wafers, and a handfull of Junior Mints (only the caramel ones, not the minty sort.)  I’ll be documenting the whole process with pics, so hopefully they’ll be cute enough to show off.

We’ll also get tons of walking in at the zoo tomorrow, and I’m excited about that too.  I just hope I can find shoes that are comfortable enough for walking all day but don’t look ridiculous with the dress I’m planning to wear.  Wait, what?

That’s right, I’ll be wearing a dress in public, on purpose, even though no one said I had to.  The more successful this healthy journey is, the more proud I am of the way I look.  I want to show off the work I’ve done.  I’m not perfect, and there is still a lot to be done before I reach my “ideal” weight, but I’ve come a long way.  27.4 pounds is nothing to sneer at.  I’ve been struggling a little bit lately with feeling like I haven’t done that much, like it’s not a big deal or the changes aren’t really that apparent, but the truth is it IS a big deal.  It’s a HUGE deal.  I am working my butt off… sort of literally… and I am really seeing results.  My stomach is MUCH smaller, my legs are shrinking, my muscles are more defined.  My body, so unfamiliar in its new post-baby shape, is reshaping again to something leaner and firmer, something that says to the world that I do care, I do take care of myself, and I’m proud of how I look.

Again, I do still have a long way to go.  There are people out there who would see pictures from this weekend’s birthday festivities and undoubtedly think I am still awfully large.  Maybe I am.  Maybe I will be one of the people who sees the pictures and thinks I shouldn’t have been wearing that dress…. the one I bought in the juniors section no less… but I hope not.  I hope I will look back at those shots and be proud of what they stand for.  Me, presiding over my daughter’s birthday party, looking ten million times better than I did right after she was born, and serving healthier cupcakes to unsuspecting friends and family.  Hee hee.  So that’s my goal in life now?  To be the girl who sneaks a little healthy into the lives and mouths of her loved ones?

Sounds good to me.  Skinny Sushi: the Healthy Ninja.


2 Responses

  1. Howdy Ninja! 😉

    Congratulations on celebrating your successes. And embrace the dress. We all deserve to feel beautiful. I went on my first run ever yesterday for Mother’s Day! I may have looked horrible, but I felt beautiful!

    Go team! – Kirsten

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