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How to enjoy exercise…

We’ve had a streak of cool weather around here and, although it’s odd and unseasonal, I was hoping it would stick around for a while.  I’m headed out for my second day of C25K week four, and I was really hoping things would stay cool and brisk to make the run a little easier for me.

Unfortunately, this morning’s walk was already featuring rising temperatures and that heavy feeling that comes along with high humidity.  More than anything, the humidity makes it really tough for me to get through these hard runs.  Thankfully, I’ve been totally motivated the last few days, so I am hoping that will carry me through tonight’s run.

So where’s the motivation coming from this week?  Several things…  first of all, finishing Monday’s run, even though I’m still not sure how I did it, gave me a great confidence boost.  I feel like I could do anything now!  Secondly, I was interviewed by a reporter for a local paper yesterday and will be part of a weight loss feature story they are running in late June.  I’m thrilled about that too, so I can’t wait.  Plus, I’d love to be able to email the reporter right before the story runs to update her with a new weight loss total!  I’ve also been oddly not hungry (unhungry?  I really want “unhungry” to be a word) this week, so I’ve been eating a little less every day than I usually do.  I’m hoping that translates to another scale victory this weekend since I saw zero loss last week.

I’ve been thinking more and more about taking the plunge and signing up for a 5K race in September.  I actually printed out all of the materials and had it sitting next to me on the table all through last week, but then I noticed that it was from last year’s race so the details were all out of date.  I’ve been checking the race website every few days in the hopes of seeing updated registration information, but it’s a long way off…  I still can’t believe I’m even thinking of registering for (and planning to run) a real race.  I’m already trying to decide what my goal time ought to be, but I’m thinking it would be better to decide on that once I finish the C25K program, since that will give me a better idea of what my training times are.

I also have intentions of rewarding myself with all new running gear once I finished Couch to 5K.  It will be a HUGE accomplishment for me, so I’m hoping we can afford to spring for some shiny new running stuff to replace the free event t-shirts and discount store capris I usually use.  Not that I mind that stuff really, but I feel like finishing this program deserves some serious, non food relayed celebrations.

Of course, the Negative Nelly in my head is totally laughing at me for even thinking I’ll finish this program when I’m currently half killing myself to get through the fourth week.  Then again, Negative Nelly had a good laugh at my expense when I couldn’t finish the first day of week one….  she told me how ridiculous it was that I was even trying to run… I mean, look at me!  Yeah, I’m totally amused by how wrong she was on that one.  I WILL finish this thing, and not just because I hate to fail.  The truth is…

…I’m starting to like running.

No, really.  Me, the girl who hates all forms of exercise and despises sweating?  I’m starting to enjoy running.  I like the feeling of pushing my body to do more and work harder, and nothing beats the way it feels to finish a run when I started out wondering if i could do it.  There’s power in that, and i like it.

I’ve become one of those people.  You know the ones.  When you’re just starting out, especially if weight loss is your goal, you keep coming across those irritating blogs and articles that talk about how much the person likes exercise or enjoys vegetables, and how it’s really kind of easy for them to do it all.  I hate to say it, but they have a point.  For me, the more I workout, the more I want to workout.  The better I eat, the less I crave junk and the less I enjoy it when I splurge.  That doesn’t mean I don’t have tough days…  sometimes I just don’t feel like getting up and moving, and sometimes those cheese fries really are worth it.  But I’ve reached a point where those things don’t send me spinning out of control anymore.  I’m not spending my time worried about quitting or failing, and I really DO like exercise…


6 Responses

  1. Hey Sushi?

    Keep GOING!!! You’re doing awesome, and it only gets bettah!

  2. GOOD FOR YOU! i need to, I HAVE to, to get to that place. I just have to- to get my pretty back to get my happiness back. You are an inspiration.

    • Bringing Pretty Back – thanks so much, I am so flattered to think I might be helping someone along on their journey! I hope you get to a point where things start to work for you too. It’s a great feeling, and it just takes some time!

  3. Ugh…I have my first Week 4 run tonight as long as the weather holds out. I’m not looking forward to it! It’s really hot out today. Good luck with yours, I will think about you doing yours simultaneously lol.

  4. YAY! and this line of your post:

    “When you’re just starting out, especially if weight loss is your goal, you keep coming across those irritating blogs and articles that talk about how much the person likes exercise or enjoys vegetables”

    absolutely cracked me up. 🙂
    That whole exercise thing does grow on you though. Keep up the great work!

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