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Buying a Smaller Size

I learned two extremely important lessons today.

#1 – Never, EVER eat fast food before a run.  It will make you feel heavy, slow, sick, and miserable.  You will regret every bite, every heavy, useless calorie.  You will berate your poor, innocent husband for “letting” you eat the food in the first place, and you’ll be pissed that you made such a stupid choice.  Learn from my mistakes.

#2 – When you’ve lost almost thirty pounds and you go to buy new workout capris… TRY THEM ON.  Don’t be like me…  “I don’t need to try them on.  I’m an extra large.  I know I am.”  Yeah… the you get the pants home, put them on for their first workout, and spend the entire run/walk tugging your pants back up and pulling the drawstring ever tighter.  Don’t assume that just because pants are “fitted” they’re going to be too small for you.  TRY THEM ON.

Please, learn from my mistakes.


9 Responses

  1. I agree with you on trying on workout gear before you buy it. I see myself as though I am standing in a fun house mirror and I appear much larger than I actually am. I bought a pair of XL yoga pants when I needed a smaller size. They fit for like one week and after that I had to keep pulling them up so much they have since been retired to lounge wear.

  2. *snicker*
    What a nice problem!

  3. Suspenders? 🙂
    Really, that’s a great problem to have!

  4. amen sister.
    I tend to grabandgo now that my daughter is a PETULANT PRESCHOOLER and have been hosed myriad times.

    now too big though? thats always welcome huh? 🙂

  5. […] If you missed some of my recent posts elsewhere, you can check them out here: Worst pre-run foods & tips for workout gear shopping […]

  6. good for you your workout pants were too big! whoo hoo! fast food any time is just a bad idea.

  7. I agree that it sucks trying to move swiftly and with grace in clothes that are too big; but what sucks even more is when you BUY pants that are already TOO big.

    Congratulations on your run though! I had a HUGE milestone success for me today. I ran my first mile in my adult life. I am THRILLED!! WOOT!!

    Thanks for the smiles, Kirsten

  8. YAY for the pants being too big!! 🙂

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