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How to stop making excuses

Today was one of those days… you know the ones.

  • My daughter woke up too early.  I was tired and she was cranky.
  • It was pouring rain all day long, which meant no morning walk and no C25K run.
  • I’m physically uncomfortable thanks to God having made me a girl.
  • Despite my best efforts, I’m letting myself get stressed out over how very badly I want the job I’ve just applied for.

I’m cranky and unmotivated.  A year ago this would have been more than enough reason for me to order takeout for lunch AND dinner, sit around all day and get nothing done, and totally banish the thought of exercising.

So what did I do today?  I got off the couch.  I did dishes, made some bread in the breadmaker (which turns out to be broken, so really I made some wet flour), did laundry while taking as many stairs as possible, and did a half hour of Pilates.  I made a good dinner with roasted chicken and oven grilled eggplant.  I played with my daughter, and I feel better.

Am I still cranky?  Yep, and still uncomfortable too.  So why did I bother?

Because I should.  Because it really does make me feel better, happier, and stronger.

A better question?  What has changed?  Why did I do it today when I wouldn’t have before?

Some of it is just routine.  I exercise during the week.  It’s what I do now.  Some of it is that I’ve gotten a taste of success with all of this and I am desperate to hang on to it .  My daughter has a lot to do with it too.  She really is the best motivation I’ve ever had, and just looking at her makes me want to keep going.  Feeding her keeps me hyper aware of what we’re eating.

So how do you stop making excuses and get off the couch?  You have to remember, every second of every day, that YOU ARE WORTH IT.  As hard as it is, as much as it sometimes hurts, as difficult as it can be to finish a tough workout, as much as in the moment it feels better not to do it…  Just get up.  Go for a walk.  Get out there and move.  Eat a vegetable.  Make ONE small choice that’s good for you.

Your body, your mind, your soul will thank you for it.  You’ll be proud of your choice, and it just might lead to another choice that helps you live longer, laugh longer, love longer.

No excuses.  You are worth it, and I believe in you.


One Response

  1. Thanks!! 😀 I know my body deserves good choices. All the way.

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