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Sore Muscles

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After Wednesday’s super power circuit workout, I was feeling pretty good about myself.  It turns out, however, that I overdid it a little.  I don’t think I was quite ready for a 40 minute, full body power circuit just yet… at least not with weights.

I can tell, because today (two days later, after a long walk yesterday and LOTS of stretching) I am still painfully sore in some places, and noticeably sore all over.  I WILL be running again tonight (skipped yesterday because my legs literally could not do it) but I think I will be taking it very, very slowly.  I will also be doing some yoga this afternoon to try and help stretch things out some more.  I am hurting!

I do want to keep doing the power circuit workout because my level of soreness tells me it is definitely working me, and definitely using muscles that are probably underused.  So I have options.  I can try doing the whole workout again (only on non-run days) without weights, try doing only partial sections of the workout, or do partials without weights.  The workout is set up with a four minute session for each body part.

For example:

For your upper abs, you do one minute of straight leg crunches, one minute of reverse crunches, and one minute of reaching crunches.  For the last minute, you do short sessions of all three.  There is no break in between the minutes, so it’s more intense than it might sound.  My thought was that I might be able to do the workout without that final minute of intensity?  I’d appreciate your thoughts on this too.

So I’m off and running tonight.  Tomorrow I’m stuck in the house all day, just me and the baby, with no transportation, so please send ideas on that too!  Happy Friday!


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3 Responses

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  2. Oh it sounds tough all right. You go girl! Keep it up.



    a walk with le stroller is always nice.

  3. I would say you’re reading your body language of ouchness just right! Good luck finding house-bound movement opportunities.

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