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Bring in the funk…

You guys, I am in a serious funk in terms of exercise.  I really, really, really want to quit Couch to 5K.  There is a part of me that wants to finish, just to say that I did.  When I finish a run, I do feel proud that I finished… but the motivation is gone.

I HATE running while I am in the process.  I’m looking at my third week of week 4, and I’m not seeing any improvement.  I’m not feeling better, not feeling any more prepared to move on to the next week.  Starting with the week 4 runs, I’m not enjoying it anymore.  It doesn’t feel good to get out there and run, and I loathe the idea of going out.  I spend all day on run days dreading the upcoming run, I guilt myself into going out there, and then about half the time I feel sick when I’m done.

So am I just in a funk?  Do I need to just power through this and keep trying?  Should I take a break from trying to run?  Is running just not for me?  I really did enjoy it in the beginning, but starting with the first week 4 runs I have been miserable.  I’m at a loss…

I'm A Quitter - Natalie Deesource


12 Responses

  1. No, we are not quitting! Let’s power through this! Fake it til we make it 🙂

  2. Don’t feel bad. I SERIOUSLY hate C25K too – but I am running (something that I couldn’t do beforehand!)

    I am counting down the number of runs I have left until I “graduate” from the program – 9! I just want to be done with it.

    Maybe your in a funk or maybe you’re like me- just not a runner. Maybe it’s the stress of the timing and intervals. Perhaps going out for a run with just music would be different.

    Whatever the case is, don’t feel bad about it. Running is not for everyone – find something you enjoy!



  3. I’m not a runner … So I’m prolli not going to be super encouraging. I think if you don’t enjoy the exercise or the process then it may be time to move onto something else (strength training, other aerobics, whatever). Circuit workouts are great because they give you a variety of things to do in a short time period so you have very little time to get bored of them and the benefits to your body are wonderful. Or maybe you just need a break from running for now … consider taking a week off … or a few days … If you have to talk yourself into it and FORCE yourself into it … I don’t see how it’s beneficial if you’re not liking the process and not noticing anymore benefits (like plateauing more or less).

  4. Do you hate the running itself?? I started to hate the C25K but I love to actually run. I started doing 3-4 minutes of running with 1-2 minutes of walking. I havent been running because my arches are achy and I am waiting for orthotics. I think I will always keep those walking breaks in my runs…I like the breaks. and believe me, I was not always timing it perfectly but I just kind of “did it” and I found I loved running this way. Try new things…maybe the C25K just isnt for you. Good luck.

    xoxo, jen

  5. running isnt for everyone! I have never liked it! I would say to give it a little longer, if you enjoyed it at first.. you might just be in a funk! give it a week, and if you still hate it try something new…. then give it a go again later….

  6. Hey Heather–I’ve been a bad blogging friend. I don’t want to lead you on the wrong path but week 4 is when I lost it. I repeated it twice and just couldn’t get to a point where I felt ready for the horror that looked to be week 5. I may try to revisit running sometime but for now it’s just not me. Jogging spurts, definitely…but runner–not yet 🙂
    Hope you’re doing well. I’ll try to be a better commenter 🙂

  7. I was just talking to my sister about this. I started c25k and I really hurt my knees. So I pulled it back and stuck with walking and cycling. My sis has been trying to get healthy too and at dinner this weekend we were comparing notes.

    She said, “You know, I *hate* to run or jog. I’ll walk for days, but I won’t run.”

    I kinda feel the same way. I really enjoy walking (getti g ready to head out actually), and I LOVE the idea of jogging/running, but I hated every minute of it. Hurting myself in the process didn’t help either.

    At this point I’m going to focus on walking and other cardio and I’ll take another look at running after I’ve dropped some more weight. For now, me and running… Well, we just ain’t what you might call friendly.

  8. First, LOVE Natalie Dee!!

    Second, maybe you should just jump on in to week 5? I really don’t think it’s any harder than week 4 and since each day is different, it doesn’t get boring.

    Third, if you really hate it that much, then quit. No one is going to think any less of you. And life is too short to spend time doing something you absolutely find no joy in doing (like laundry). 🙂

  9. I think it’s more mental…I used to hate running too and there is no denying that it is hard. That’s why a lot people don’t do it. But just try changing your attitude and see if it works. Tell yourself, how hard can it be? It’s only 30 mins and you aren’t even running the whole time. I am sure you have done a lot worse for more than 30 minutes before? And after the run parts really slow WAY down for the walks. let yourself recover.
    I think the biggest thing for me motivation wise is the time I run, especially since it has been BLAZING hot here. If possible, get out there first thing in the morning. Like at 5am, before the heat starts and before you are awake. When you have the street to yourself. It makes a huge difference and your brain isn’t awake enough to process how much it sucks. Also, you won’t waste the day in dread or give yourself the opportunity to talk yourself out of it. Maybe you are feeling sick because of your eating/run schedule. The early morning runs could help there too if you just go on an empty stomach. Seriously just go to bed dressed in your run clothes, then all you need to do is throw your shoes on. Force yourself to do it. Think about those races you were just writing about and how excited you were about it before.

  10. […] wanted to elaborate on last night’s post, but first I want to take the chance to say thank you to everyone who commented.  No matter what […]

  11. Don’t quit! I have always HATED running…I have quit so many times. But then I decided to run a half marathon. I paid the money and signed up. I wasn’t going to pay for something and then not do it! So many runs I hated every minute of it. But I felt so accomplished when I was done. For me, exercising needs to be a social thing, so I always make sure to surround myself with others who have similar goals. I couldn’t have run the half marathon without a training buddy and someone to run with on race day. Also, I don’t know if you are always taking Evi, but running pushing a stroller is soooooooooooo much harder. Consider going early in the morning before Aaron leaves for work so you can go alone. Sometimes I need music, sometimes I don’t. On days when it is hard, I definitely need music and when I hit my walls I often have to turn it off, turn inward, concentrate on my breathing, and just GET THROUGH IT! You can do it! Don’t quit!

  12. You don’t have to quit exercise altogether. You just need to find a way of doing it that you can enjoy. And there are so many different ways of working out as well. You can do it!

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