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Slow burn

match, flame, smokesource

I think I’m burned out a little bit on the fitness front.  I think it’s part of why I am so determined to take a break from running right now, and it’s why I’m having trouble staying motivated to do anything at all.

I’m not stopping.  Please don’t think I am.  I’ve worked too hard so far, and I am enjoying the progress I’m making.  That being said, I am slacking a little bit this week, and it’s totally on purpose.  I’ve kept up with my morning walks (though this morning we skipped out because the humidity was insane) and I’m trying to add in other things… long evening walks, easier workouts from cable, etc.  I know I said that I’d be starting 30 Day Shred… but it turns out that it’s no longer available for free from On Demand.  I’m still doing it, but I had to order the DVDs, and they won’t be here until June 1st at the earliest.  So this week… I’m just trying to take it easy and make sure I get in at least a half hour of exercise every day.

I’m still eating well, I swear.  In fact, last night we stocked up on yellow squash, baby bello mushrooms, and baby eggplant.  Tonight we’ll be stopping by a local farmer’s market for the first time and hopefully adding to our fruits and veggies with some fresh, local stuff too.

So what about you?  Do you get burnt out and need a break?  If so, what do you do then?


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4 Responses

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  2. I’ve been burned out myself lately. Usually what happens is I take some time off from going to the gym obsessively, my skinny pants start getting tight, then I get my butt back on track again lol. My pants are currently getting tight again…so looks like it’s back to working out all the time hehehe. As long as you keep up the good eating, I don’t think scaling things back a bit would be a problem.

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  4. you are doing great and going in the right direction! I personally think that diet is 80% of the battle (thus my fail, lol!) so as long as you are smart on that front you can take time to enjoy the view on your walks. 🙂

    when I get burned out I need to switch it up and try something new. I was in a huge fitness rut before this LA boxing gig came around and now I feel rejuvenated. Change is good. 🙂

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