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After the Shred

I can’t believe it’s already June.  I don’t know where the year is going, but I swear I feel like I am missing some of it somehow.

I have good news and bad news.  Bad news first?  Alright… we didn’t run yesterday.  And it looks like the weather report is calling for thunderstorms all day today so I doubt we’ll go out today either.  I was planning to go, but the husband ended up working even later than usual and was cranky and tired when he got home, since he’d planned to work a short day for the holiday but ended up stuck at work fixing other people’s mistakes.  So instead of running, we stayed in and ate turkey dogs… which were actually very good.

So the return to Couch to 5K is still sort of up in the air.  Every day that passes without a run makes it a little easier to skip another day and another… so I am really trying to keep this from turning into a permanent break on running.  Unfortunately, the local heat and humidity are making it really tough.  I know people keep telling me to run in the mornings, but it’s just not possible.  My husband is out the door by 6:30 in the morning, so I’d have to be up and out by 5:30 in order to be safely back before he goes.  First of all, that’s MUCH too early.  Secondly, it’s still dark then and I don’t think running in the dark on our crazy roads with no sidewalks and several blind hills/turns is a good idea.  So we’re stuck with running around 6:30 in the evenings.  At least it’s not the worst of the day’s heat, but it’s still pretty oppressive out there in the evenings.  I wish we had a treadmill instead.  I’ve been searching local listings on Craigslist and Freecycle, but I’m coming up with nothing so far.  We’re hoping to hit up a few yard sales in the coming weekends (we’re looking for a lawnmower too!) so maybe I’ll get lucky…

The Shred, however?  Working well.  I was waiting to be so sore I could barely move.  I read more than one horror story online about someone doing one day of the Shred and being unable to walk for three days.  I was secretly thinking I’d be fine since I do exercise a decent amount, but you never know.  I felt fine after the workout yesterday, and when I woke up this morning I was still alright.  I definitely do have some stiffness and minor soreness in my shoulders and upper chest, but nothing terrible.  I might have to lighten my weights a little bit because I could barely do the arm exercises with my five pound weights yesterday, so I’m thinking the soreness will make today even harder.  I’ll still be doing it though, and hopefully we’ll see some results.  I took some before pictures yesterday, so I promise to post them along with after pictures at the end of 30 days.

Despite not running, I think my plan to do the Shred/Slimdown along with running is going to work out fine.  The program is pretty heavy on strength training, which should only help my running, and none of the workout moves seem to be the kind of thing that will make me too sore to run.  My legs feel fine today, so I should be in perfect working order for the next run.  I’m also hoping to get a morning walk in this morning before the rain sets in…


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