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Product Review: Frozen Foods

We found some coupons in the local wholesale club flyer and decided to try some new frozen food options.

#1 – Oven Poppers

I can’t find the exact product we got, which was tilapia filets topped with shrimp and lobster in a roasted red pepper cream sauce, on their website.  We don’t eat enough fish, and with the coupon we got a good deal on the box of four filets, so we figured it would be worth a try.  I liked to nutrition facts too, which listed each filet as 170 calories, 6g fat, 26g protein.  We made them for dinner last night, following the box directions and cooking them in the oven with a little aluminum foil tent.

Results?  Not so good.  They weren’t disgusting, but the tilapia itself was bland and dry.  The topping, on the other hand, was too salty and the shrimp were chewy.  It made a decent quick dinner, and might have been better if I’d broken up the filets and tossed them with rice or pasta, but as a standalone I was less than thrilled.  We won’t be buying these again.

#2 – Gardein Crispy Tenders

I’ve been seeing Gardein stuff popping up on a lot of blogs, so when we found a coupon and saw them at the wholesale club, we figured it couldn’t hurt to try them out.  Our only choice was the crispy tenders.

Gardein Crispy TendersThese?  Rock.  The tenders are really small, but two of them only have 90 calories, 1.5g fat, 1g fiber, and offer 9g protein.  They look and taste like chicken, and unlike some other non-meat chicken, the texture is right too.  I had just the tenders with a little honey for lunch the other day and loved them.  Yesterday, I tossed two tenders into a whole wheat wrap with a little mozzarella, some spinach, and some Frank’s Red Hot and made a fantastic buffalo (not)chicken wrap.  These will definitely be on our shopping list again, and I’m hoping to see more Gardein options at the wholesale club, since they have a long list of fresh stuff, frozen products, and a couple of complete meal options.


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2 Responses

  1. […] Product review: Oven Poppers fish filets & Gardein “chicken” […]

  2. We liked these, too! Totally fooled the kids 😉

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