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Food Bloggers are idiots

Married to the sea - food blogger

Source: Married to the Sea

Did you know that as an amateur food blogger, you don’t know what you’re talking about and are causing undue distress to the restaurant industry by potentially swaying opinions with your unenlightened, amateur thoughts on food?

Well, Katie Grieco is the VP of operations and new projects at Craft Restaurants in NYC, and she’d like every one of us, with our crappy food pics and uneducated opinions, to go away.  In a recent Marketplace interview, she complained not only about low quality food pics, but elaborated with the following:

“When you feel like they’re having that influence without really knowing what they’re talking about, it’s very frustrating.”

I’m clearly an idiot, since I was laboring under the grievous misconception that all it takes to have a qualified opinion about food is taste buds and an internet connection.  Since when do only those formally educated as food critics have the only legitimate voices when it comes to rating and reviewing food?

That would be the same as saying that I have no right to review running clothes because I don’t run marathons.  It’s ridiculous, and fortunately some companies are getting smart about how much influence a blogger can really have.  Right now several of the bloggers I read are in Philly for an event because the people at New Harvest recognized their worth and their ability to change popular opinion.

So what do you think?  Are we, as every day consumers, uneducated idiots who have no right changing the opinions of the general public?  Or are we, instead, a sudden threat to businesses because we are using our voices to let people know about good experiences and bad ones?  I think it’s the latter, and I think that people like Ms. Grieco have a lot to learn about what a blogger can do.


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8 Responses

  1. […] Food bloggers are idiots […]

  2. I am so not a food blogger but I read foodie blogs so I can get opinions and find out what products I should and shouldn’t try.

    Clearly Katie is an idiot.

  3. LOL! I agree, Katie is an idiot. I classify myself as a food blogger and though I may not know “what I’m talking about” and my pictures may often be crappy, what I am giving is my opinion just as I would to a friend or family member who would ask what I thought of a restaurant or food. Sorry, Katie…freedom of speech may prevail here. 🙂

    Thanks for the interesting post, H!

  4. Hey look another sushi on the web! :O

  5. I agree with Marisa – I have a food blog and what I write is exactly what I would say to a friend. You don’t have to be an expert to have an opinion. Besides, I want an everyday person’s opinion who’s tastebuds aren’t trained – because neither are mine.

  6. Anyone with a hungry mouth who patronizes a restaurant has a right to talk about their experience. sheesh! Katie is a legalized idiot.

  7. This is an example of how NOT to handle the treatment of readers, followers, and potential fans in the social media world.

    This may just come from her lack of understanding on how to embrace and leverage a strong fanbase of Social Media support. This tends to be very common among big corporations.

    You don’t need to have a degree in the culinary arts to review food and provide your opinion. You are the end-user and as such your opinion matters.

    Nice post, very well-written and thanks for sharing! Just remember Seneca Snacks loves you guys! [shameless plug FTW]

  8. “the way they would like it to be presented?”

    SHEESH!!! duh. It’s not just the photography skills that are differing from the actual dish. There are differences. The scallops are MUCH more cooked. The salad is soggy. If they want their food to be presented that way, they’re gonna have to work harder.

    I doubt they would argue if it were a cheeseburger. Or ‘cereal’ bars. Why is $100 a plate exempt. Or why don’t they offer their gratis photos of meals? We’re not trying to replace journalists for the most part. We’re just trying to express our passions. Don’t get your panties in a bunch Katie.

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