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Makeup workouts?

exercise silhouettesource

Just a quick post tonight because I’ve managed to catch my daughter/husband’s illness and am still feeling pretty awful.

Thanks to the combination of sick baby, malfunctioning air conditioner, sick husband, and finally sick self, I haven’t worked out in four days.  One of those days would have been a rest day anyway, so I suppose I only missed three of my planned workout days.

So here are my questions.  Since last week was the first week of my 30 Day Slimdown plan, should I restart tomorrow as though it is day two?  Does it make sense to try to add in extra workout this week to “make up” for the ones I missed?  I splurged on food this weekend thanks to the local Greek festival, but then ate nearly nothing today, so…

Unrelated question.  Does anyone reading have any interest in me documenting and/or photographing my food?  I know a lot of blogs do it, so I wanted to gauge interest.  Let me know by taking the poll below!


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5 Responses

  1. […] Missed workouts – do you start over or make it up? Plus, does anyone want to see my food? […]

  2. I say yes to food pics only because I am obsessed and voyeuristic when it comes to what others eat! I know, it’s a problem 🙂 Be forewarned that it does take up an awful lot of time! I love that creative part of it, though!

  3. So what day of the slimdown did you leave off on? Since you only missed 3 days I would just keep going from where you left off. Since 3 days of week 1 are 30 day shred level 1 anyway-I think it wouldn’t do you a whole lot of good repeating them-you are fit!

    I never really understood the whole “take pictures of everything I eat” thing. I see that on SO many blogs and I just skip right on by unless it’s an interesting recipe/weird food or some kind of protein powder. I don’t know if the world needs to see someone’s cereal bowl day in and day out, but funky recipes are fun.

  4. […] off for our morning walk.  Thanks to some answers to yesterday’s poll (go take it if you haven’t!) I’ve decided to start taking pics of my food.  I’m […]

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