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Crawl, Walk, Run

evolution of mansource

Four days without exercise combined with illness has me dreading today’s workout and trying to decide whether it would be best to take it easy or to try and push myself a little to make up for the lost time.  I’m waiting to see how I feel after our morning walk so that I can figure out what the best thing to do is.  I thought about just picking up where I left off (which would make this Day 5 of the Slimdown) but I have this weird hangup about throwing off the schedule… as in, it bugs me that Day 5 is not on Friday but on Tuesday.  Bizarre, right?  Yes, of course it is, but it’s also why I’m considering just making this Day 2 again.  It’s not like it will hurt me to do this for a little bit longer, and day 2 is a lot less work than day 5 so it might be a better choice since I’m still not feeling 100%.

I still haven’t gotten back to C25K, and the longer I go without running the more terrified I am of starting again.  Honestly, a lot of things outside of my control have led to the hesitation, although I have let myself be talked out of running on days when I probably could have as well… so I can’t blame anyone but me.  I’m just having a really hard time getting out there in the heat and humidity.  I know that people are suggesting I run early in the morning, but I have two issues there…  first, in order to run early enough to be back and showered before my husband leaves for work I’d have to be out there by 5am.  That’s not only REALLY early, but it’s also still dark and I’m worried about safety.  Secondly, a big part of what kept me motivated to run was running with my family, and if I run in the morning I have to do it alone.  So I guess I am still making excuses, because there IS a way for me to keep running… but for right now it just doesn’t feel right.  Fortunately, I feel like the 30 Day Slimdown workout I’m doing right now is leading me in the right direction in terms of overall fitness, so hopefully that will help ease the difficulty level when I finally DO return to running.  I promise I’ll get back to it… but it may not be until the fall… unless someone wants to donate a treadmill to my cause.  🙂

I’m off for our morning walk.  Thanks to some answers to yesterday’s poll (go take it if you haven’t!) I’ve decided to start taking pics of my food.  I’m totally one of those people who tends to scroll through food pic posts though, so instead of subjecting everyone to my food posts, I’ll be adding a separate page for it.  That way anyone who wants a peek at my food can check it out, but if you’re the type to skip food pic posts you can just avoid the page all together!  I hope that makes everyone happy!


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2 Responses

  1. No worries. Everybody’s different. You’ll get some that just want to see your pics, and others just want your words.

    So, I’m sorry you’re easing your way out of sickness. I took today off too. I tend to take it easy afterward but more because my body FORCES me to than out of choice. Good luck.

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