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Coffee & public nudity

We’re going to be gone all weekend, so now I’m worried about how to get my planned Shred workout done tomorrow.  I’ll be bringing the DVD with me in the hopes of finding time to do it, but who knows if it will really work.  I’ll also be bringing the laptop with me, since it would be sort of awkward to workout in the living room of my father-in-law’s house, so maybe I can do Shred online?  I can download it from Exercise TV but it would cost $4, which makes no sense when I own the DVD.  Maybe I can bring our old, crappy backup laptop (which has a much larger screen anyway) and do the DVD from the laptop…

Coffee & sports braSo I have a question for you all.  Two questions actually.  The first involves COFFEE!  I have a cup of coffee almost every day, but I’m picky about the way my coffee tastes.  The truth is that I MUCH prefer espresso, and we do own an espresso machine, but the noise of the steam wand would wake up the toddler… so we just have regular drip coffee during the week and then sometimes make espresso on the weekends.  I’ve tried all sorts of things in my coffee, but the only thing I really like is creamer…  I’ve tried cocoa, sweetened almond milk, Splenda… and nothing else tastes as good.  My issue is that I don’t really like the idea of creamer.  It seems like a lot of calories for what you get, and it also seems like an awfully long list of ingredients for something I have every day.  So I’m looking for suggestions.  I generally prefer sweet creamers.  My favorites are Irish cream, amaretto, and Italian sweet cream.  I have Splenda and regular sugar, and if I could find something I liked I’d be willing to buy a sugar free syrup or something.  Let me know what you put in your coffee and if you have any suggestions for mine!

Second question… involves sports bras.  I go for a walk with my daughter almost every morning in our neighborhood.  Yesterday we were out there by 9:15 and it was already super hot!  Since most of my workout clothes are repurposed pajamas, most of the stuff is cotton.  I’ve been learning as the temperatures rise outside that pajama quality cotton is awful for working out.  It absorbs the sweat, but then it gets weighed down with it and stretches out uncomfortably.  It also stays heavy and damp against your skin and doesn’t breathe well.  So yesterday’s walk, clad as usual in pajama cotton, was sort of miserable and it got me thinking about how I could cool off.  I do bring water with me, which helps, but then as soon as I get home I strip off my shirt and sit around in my sports bra for a while to cool/dry off.  Now let me be clear here: I would NEVER go out in just a sports bra.  But now I’m wondering… what are the rules?  When is it (or isn’t it) appropriate to workout outside in just a sports bra and pants/shorts?  Does it matter what you look like?  Should you take into account your area?  I’d love your thoughts on this, especially since I’m hoping one day I will feel comfortable in public in just a sports bra.

I don’t know how much internet access I’ll have this weekend, so I’ll go ahead and wish you all a happy weekend!  I’m updating my food journal regularly, so if you’re interested in seeing pics you can check them out here.


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9 Responses

  1. good question! I used to be comfy enough to wear just a sports bra and shorts but after having kids I would not be able to do it anymore. I think it doesn’t matter what you look like, just your own comfort level!

    as for your clothes–you need some good workout clothes! You want something that will wick the sweat away from your body. (like your tshirt from fitbloggin!) Target has some great (cheap) stuff too.

    have a great weekend! (and yes, Shred in the living room!) 🙂

    • I drink my coffee black.I used to drink it like a dessert with so much cream and sugar but I went to black coffee because of the calories.
      Let me tell you, if I looked good in a sports bra with no top I would do it!
      Have a pretty night,

  2. I’m a big believer in a budgeted splurge for things that are worth it. If the only thing that makes you not hate your morning coffee is creamer, then I would use it. For me it is worth the splurge in one to two things every day. I would probably resent not getting espresso if I gave up the creamer. Just sayin. You’re being very unselfish anyway. 🙂

    Second. There are no rules!! It’s just a matter of personal comfort, confidence, and preference. Your thrive shirt might fit better by now. I love love love mine. But I’m flat chested. Maybe real workout clothes are what you need for now.

  3. […] Coffee & public nudity […]

  4. I love ExerciseTV. I guess for this you needed to pay for the one you wanted but their Iphone app is awesome and you can watch those workouts anywhere. I ❤ it. How do you like the shred?

  5. I like sugar-free syrups in my coffee, or flavoured coffees. You can buy the sugar free syrups online or at Starbucks – vanilla is awesome buy my heart belongs to caramel. Flavoured coffee is pretty great too – I then use skim milk.

    Why don’t you invest in some “real” workout clothes if you’re not happy in the ones you’re currently using and don’t want to bare all in a sports bra. You can find pretty good (and cheap!) ones at Walmart and Target – they’re made with a blend fabric and they keep their shape when you sweat. Some of them are even wicking, to take the moisture away.

  6. So this is a totally random thought but what about evaporated milk or sweetened condensed milk? It might at least be less calories than a sweetened creamer. I haven’t tried it, just a random thought.

    What about a tank top for walking until you can get some work out clothes? I have a couple of old navy tank tops that I use, but I have the same stretching out problem.

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