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Shred continues

30 day shredsource

I’m still sticking with the 30 Day Slimdown, and so far I think I’m seeing some progress in terms of feeling stronger.  I wanted to post a quick rundown of my likes/dislikes in case anyone else is thinking about doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, No More Trouble Zones, or Burn Fat Boost Metabolism.


  • I think these workouts are marketed to beginners, but they are TOUGH workouts.  I’ve been working out regularly since January, and I still have to take breaks during Level 1 of the Shred and definitely during the longer tapes.
  • It is absolutely ridiculous that there is no way to forward/skip through the beginning of the Shred DVD.  Most of the time, I don’t have 10+ minutes to wait just to start my workout, and once you’ve seen Jillian’s pep talk once you really don’t need to see it again.
  • There are no water breaks.  I end up pausing the DVD just to get a quick sip.
  • Sometimes Jillian gets a little irritating.
  • There are almost no modifications…. which means I sometimes just can’t do something, like the side planks in Trouble Zones, and I can’t finish the pushup section even with the modified knees down position.


  • I really think this is working.  I feel stronger, and the workouts are (slowly, SO SLOWLY) getting easier.
  • I actually find Jillian’s no nonsense pep talks during the workouts sort of inspiring.  I like how she just puts it out there that this is NOT easy and you MUST work to earn your results.  There are no breaks because you want to change, right?
  • I find it extremely motivating when Jillian tells me to think about why I am working out in the first place and use that as a motivator to push through the tough stuff.
  • There are no modifications.  Yes, I know I listed that as a negative… but it is also a positive since it means I am not tempted to take the easy way out for moves that I know I can do.  It makes me push a little harder and motivates me to keep working so that at some point I CAN do the side planks.
  • If sweat is any indicator of work, I’m working HARD.  I am routinely blinded by my own sweat during these workouts, which I think is a huge sign of a good workout.
  • The Shred is only 20 minutes, which makes it easy to squeeze it into most days.

Overall, I am really enjoying these workouts and I’m proud of myself for getting through them… even if I am taking rests, water breaks, and occasionally doing my own modifications like subbing in oblique crunches instead of side planks.

I’m looking forward to the after pictures/measurements at the end of the month to show me just how well it’s working.  I bought smaller pants this weekend, and I can definitely feel some added strength in my arms, so I am pretty pleased.  I’d recommend these workouts to anyone, as long as you’re not totally new to working out and you can be honest about what your body needs.  Pay attention to how you feel, take breaks only when you really need to, and I think you (and I) will see results!


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7 Responses

  1. […] Shred continues: the pluses and minuses of Jillian’s 30 Day Slimdown […]

  2. Skinny – I was so happy when I stumbled upon your blog. I am just starting another attempt at serious weigh loss and you are an inspiration!!

    What diet are you following that has given you these great results???

    Keep up the great work!!!


  3. […] Shred continues: the pluses and minuses of Jillian’s 30 Day Slimdown […]

  4. Yep, I love it…it kicks my butt, and I need it kicked. I do my pushups against a wall b/c I can’t do them the other way at all…so at least this way, I get something from it. I can’t wait to see your pics either…such a good idea.

  5. My neighbor is dating Jillian right now too. That ho gets around. 🙂 Your review was very helpful, thanks!

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