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Move more, feel better

It’s really a simple equation.  The more I move, the more any of us moves, the better we all feel.

exercise cartoonsource

I don’t know a lot of people who look forward to their workouts every time, or who don’t experience the occasional (or frequent) moments just before the workout when you try to think of some “legitimate” reason to skip.  Everyone has those moments.  No one loves working out every single time… at least no one I’ve ever met.

So what makes the difference between the people who stick with it and the ones who don’t?  Mostly, it’s about how bad you want it.  And yes, the me from sometime last year just reached forward through time and punched me in the throat for saying that… I used  to get SO mad at people who told me that I would be successful if I just wanted it enough.  It’s so easy to get back into my mindset from that time…

How dare they?  Of course I want it, more than they could ever know.  Don’t they understand that I hate my body, I hate the way I look?  Don’t they hear me when I tell them how unhappy I am just looking at myself, how much I just want to make it work, how much I would do anything to make it happen?”

Guess what?  The truth, the hard truth, is that I was lying to myself.  I didn’t want it… not enough to stop eating and start moving.  Not enough to give up the things I thought I needed, step away from the immediate (and painfully temporary) gratification of a donut and an hour of sloth, and do what it took to get healthy.  I wanted the results, but not the work.

Now I know better.  Now I know that it takes hours and hours and hours of sweat and hard work, some crying, a little hatred of exercise, and a lot of acceptance of the way I look RIGHT NOW.  That was another key thing for me.  I couldn’t be successful when I hated my body so much.  That sounds counter-intuitive I know, because wouldn’t body hatred drive change?  The short answer is no.  Hating the way I looked just gave me more reasons to dive headfirst into emotional eating.  Loathing my body, barely being able to look at myself in the mirror, gave me NO motivation to look or feel better.  Over time I felt more and more worthless and it became harder and harder to see that I deserved anything better.

I started with tiny, itty bitty baby steps… but the more I moved and the better I ate, the more I wanted to keep it up.  I still have setbacks and bad days and I still don’t always look forward to working out.  In fact, I would say about half the time I am still half trying to talk myself out of doing it.  But in the end, the results are SO worth it.  Thirty pounds gone.  Thirty pounds of fat and strain on my body… just gone.  Inches gone.  Clothing sizes dropping, my face and body reshaping, my strength increasing by the day, my mood and energy skyrocketing most of the time.  How could I give this up?

So I’m asking you to do this with me.  Make a commitment to yourself, to your body and your health.  Write a blog post (and link back so I can see it!) and admit that you’re worth it.  Tell the world why you deserve this.  And if you can’t think of a reason, here are some places to start:

  1. Someone loves you.  Someone’s heart would break if they lost you.  Someone will miss you.
  2. I promise you, you’ll be healthier and happier.  You’ll see results.
  3. You will inspire someone else.  I am so touched, so amazed when I hear a friend say I’ve inspired them, and it helps me keep going.  I am helping someone else!

Now go on, get moving.  Get off the computer and go for a walk.


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10 Responses

  1. Just wanted to let you know this was posted at a great time for me, just as I was trying to come up with a reason to skip my lunchtime trip to the gym. I went! Thanks for the boost.

  2. […] Move more, feel better: make today the day you commit to YOU […]

  3. I had the same issues last year when I lost 20 pounds only to gain it all back during my 3 weeks visit home in the states. It took me like 5 months and a personal trainer to lose that 20 pounds too, all for me to gain it back in an instant because I wasn’t ready to do the work and make any lasting changes. Looking back, I am surprised I even lost it in the first place because my eating was still out of control and I wasn’t ready to lose the weight-I just thought I’ll join a gym, get a trainer and the weight will fall off. WRONG. Those five months were LONG, slow and felt like hell. All I had were excuses and zero concentration or motivation. A year later and finally, I get it. I’ve lost 18 pounds in two and a half months, because I am ready to change everything: starting with the quantity and quality of my food and my new love for running. I’m not the same person I was anymore.

  4. Skinny – thank you so much for saying that. Yes, it is really true, if you want it badly enough, you will make it happen. I am going to print that and post it on my stepper, so I see it every day.

    Your post was good inspiration for me! Gia

  5. Very real and excellently written.

    Uh…buh-bye. I gotta go whip my kids into a walk. 🙂

  6. Love the post. Keep on moving!

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