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Review: New Balance rock&tone

As part of my FitBloggin attendance, I was able to sign up and receive a free pair of New Balance’s new toning shoes.  Mine arrived a few days ago.  The rock&tone shoes come in several colors and generally look a little sleeker than some of their counterparts.  Mine showed up in gray/white, which probably would have been my choice anyway!

New Balance rock&tone shoes

New Balance rock&tone shoes

The big question about these toning shoes is always about whether or not they “do” anything.  So I put mine on:

New Balance rock&tone shoes

My first thought?  They look good and they are SUPER comfortable.  It felt like walking on cushions or pillows.  I took them out for my morning walk, which is a fast 1.2 miles of hills.  While I was walking, I couldn’t really tell a difference.  Yes, the shoes felt a little different than my normal walking shoes (which also happen to be New Balance) but definitely not strange.  There was no weird rocking sensation or instability.

The walk was nice and humid, and I was more than pleased to get out of the heat.  As I came back home, I noticed my arches felt just a little bit tired… but I have super high arches, so I doubt this would be an issue for most people.  Later in the day, I noticed definite fatigue and a little soreness in my hamstrings.  So I think they DEFINITELY worked me a little harder.  I’ll be wearing them again today when we head out for a walk/easy hike through the local state park.

These will definitely be my go-to walking shoes now.  Comfortable, reasonably cute, and definitely helping me burn an extra calorie or two!

In case you’re curious, I wore my new Nike socks (which I won through the Fit Challenge at POM, along with some POM juice, a great yoga mat, and some new Nike shoes… w00t!) with the shoes… and the pairing left something to be desired.  Although the socks were very comfortable and great for wicking sweat, they are super low, which resulted in the shoes rubbing on the back of my heel for the whole walk.  I don’t have any shoes low enough to work with these socks so, for me, they’re not a good match.  They look pretty cool though, right?

Nike dry-fit socks

Nike dry-fit socks


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4 Responses

  1. ooohh I have the white version of those! I got them free with my nike+ shoes. They work well with the nikes, no rubbing or anything. Maybe they are designed to work with them? it would figure.

  2. I have the Skechers Toneups flip flops, but there are so many of the tennis shoes on the market that I don’t know which ones to get! Thanks for your review!! I love my regular New Balance shoes, so these are a definite possibility for me.

  3. […] a case of POM pomegranate juice and a bunch of great stuff from Nike.  I mentioned the socks here.  Included in the package was a really cute Nike hat (which is too small for my freakishly large […]

  4. […] 3mi hike on sand wearing my Rock and Tone […]

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