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Good Morning, Sweaty!

If you have a moment, please take some time to go and vote for my Mamavation application!  You can see my application video here, and you can “vote” for me by heading to Twitter and tweeting this: Hey @bookieboo! I want @SkinnySushi to be the next #Mamavation Mom. She has my support! http://bit.ly/zqUxa. As always, your support means SO much to me.

morning exercisesource

Thanks to yet another issue with our air conditioning (and a Super Klutz episode in the afternoon) I ended up missing my workout yesterday.  I’d gotten into the habit of working out in the late afternoon, and every time our air goes out it’s between 1pm and 7pm… and there is no way I’m working out when it’s 82 degrees in the house.  I’m not a hot yoga sort of girl.

So, after some chill time in the kiddie pool with the babe…

Baby & a beach ball(Yeah, I know… she’s insanely cute.)

…and some time online chatting with friends on Twitter and Facebook, I decided I’d try working out in the mornings.  I wasn’t sure how it would go since I am always super groggy in the mornings, but I figured since I’m usually up by 6:30 at the latest anyway, it was worth a try.

For the first ten minutes or so, I really though I was going to die.  My muscles were begging me to go sit down already, and I was worried I’d manage to wake up my daughter despite muting the DVD.  Instead, I got through the full forty minute workout successfully, and afterward I felt great.  I skipped coffee this morning (though I missed it just for the sake of itself, and I will likely add it back in because yum) and I’ve had a great day.

I’ve already written some articles, done the laundry and the dishes, cut up a watermelon and tossed it in the freezer for tonight’s watermelon ice, fed myself and the baby good food… and I’m wearing real clothes!  Usually I stay in workout wear all day and change just before my husband comes home.  Now though, I’m in real clothes and ready to face the day by lunch time.  It’s awesome.

I am LOVING this.  I’m hoping it gets a little easier as it becomes habit too.


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2 Responses

  1. The other good thing about a morning workout is that it is over and done with before you can really think about it. Plus you won’t be dreading it or (like me) trying to talk yourself out of it all day.

  2. it did take me a bit—about a month?—but now it is totally habit and a habit Im off to do!

    xo xo

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