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What if we ballet workout on Dec 5?

NYC Ballet Workout

The New York City Ballet Workout Vol 1 & 2 - click the image to buy (and I get a few pennies)

I did this workout for the first time on Monday.  I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of the type of workout it would be.

It’s set up in 17 short sections, starting with a warmup and moving through stretches into dynamic strength training moves.  It doesn’t require any equipment (unless you want a mat for floor work) but it does require a little bit of floor space and a decent amount of concentration.  You also need a reasonable familiarity with ballet, since the DVD moves pretty quickly from one movement to the next with the assumption that you are comfortable with the positions and terms.  There is a voiceover (which you can choose not to hear) that includes directions, but those directions don’t necessarily include every required move, and often come a little late.  If you’ve never done ballet, you’ll find it challenging and maybe even frustrating.  For me, it’s been a few years since my last ballet class, but I was comfortable enough with the moves to keep up for the most part.  I can say with certainty that after two or three more sessions with the DVD I will be doing the moves without issue, and maybe without the voiceover.

The workout is relaxing and calm, which is a nice change.  It’s also sort of sneaky.  When I finished, I was sweaty but not near death… so I wondered how hard I’d really worked.  The next morning, I could definitely feel it in my core, so I know that I got some strength training in.  I also liked the option to do the workout with a classical accompaniment or with contemporary  music (I chose classical), but I will say that the video is 90 minutes long (including a short intro by Sarah Jessica Parker?) so you’ve really got to be able to devote some time to it.

All in all, I think it’s a great workout for someone with a dance background and a moderate fitness level.  I will definitely be doing it on a regular basis.


What if?It’s Wednesday, which means another What If post… and since my writing progress has hit a bit of a standstill (I’m still shopping my work everywhere I can) I want to talk about something else that’s a big What If for me…

The Mizboorun December 5 Challenge!Mizfit & Bookieboo have come together to run a half marathon in Vegas on December 5th.  They’re encouraging everyone to make this a goal day, to make this the deadline to achieve a goal of your own, no matter what it is.  I really wanted to be a part of this challenge, so let me give you a little glimpse inside my head as I tried to decide what my Dec 5 goal would be…

– I should reach my goal weight

– But what if I can’t?  That’s two pounds a week and lately I’ve only been losing one.

– But isn’t that the point, to push myself?

– But is focusing on weight the wrong way to go?  Should I be aiming for something “healthy” instead of something associated with a number?

– Am I just saying that because I’m scared I can’t do it?

– Well, what if I can’t do it?  Numbers are hard to control.  If I set a number goal, am I just setting myself up for failure?

And on, and on… until I nearly drove myself insane.  So I let it go, and for a while I thought about just letting this challenge go unnoticed.  But the more I thought about it, the more I felt like this was a good opportunity for me to push myself to greater heights.  I still can’t get past the vicious circle in my head when I think about weight goals, so instead here are my goals for December 5.

  1. Complete Couch to 5K on or before Sunday, December 5
  2. Walk/run/crawl/jog/roll 13.1 miles (a half marathon) during the weekend of December 4-5

And just in case I’ve fooled you, I’ll admit that I am also hoping secretly to make my weight goal by then as well…


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7 Responses

  1. I used to have this workout on VHS (so weird to even say that). The leg and core floor exercises were some of the best I’ve ever done, but as a non-dancer, I think what snuck up on me the most personally was how sore my arms were the next day. Since I was so focused on keeping my feet up to speed, I didn’t realize what hard work it is to keep your arms in first position for long stretches of time until later. I might have to invest in this one on DVD (since my last VCR bit the dust some time ago).

  2. so glad youre joining us and so grateful you get it.
    that it isnt about running or a half marathon at all.

    its about the goals!
    and facing the fears of achieving them.

    xo xo

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  4. Yes, that is physical goal day, not a day to pressure yourself into having a certain amount of weight lost. We just want you to set a goal for yourself and do it on or before that day. We all have limitations, but that is the day to push yourself. XXOO

  5. The challenge of goals is definitely in the long term abandonment of bad habits and creating sustainable good habits. I think it is great that you are trying to focus more on things outside of your weight.

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  7. […] pilates, or other floor work… I never really use any of them.  So when I decided to do the NYC Ballet Workout again today, I thought it would be a great time to try out the new […]

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